Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy Birthday

Yes, this was a good week. Im still keeping on keeping strong! Me and Elder Johnson have had some real crazy experiences this past week that just sort of happened. So I think ive mentioned before that there is a little of apostasy in Santa Fe. There has not been a Bishop in the ward for almost a year now, and the members are starting to get a little frustrated and a little irratated. To be short, not having a bishop causes problems in a ward. Yesterday in church, out of the blue showed up a seventy, Elder Ocampo. Lets just say that he burned our eyebrows a little. haha. He said and I quote " This ward and Honduras in general is filled with FALSE TRADITIONS. Stop thinking that you men are better than the women, because you are not...." Honestly, this ward needed to hear what he had to say. Other things, this ward is kinda famous in Honduras because posibly the most important member of the church in Honduras was brought up in Santa Fe, and his family still lives here. His name is German Lavoriel. He was a seventy and now he is the Mission President of Mision Costa Rica. Yesterday, we were kinda just looking around for people to teach, and we were led to knock on a big black door, so we knocked. Two very nice, very funny old Ladies lived there. We talked, taught a little, and then they asked us if we knew Elder Lavoriel. We were like no, but we have heard of him, and they were like " Yeah, hes my son in law," and the other was like" yeah, hes my brother in law." hahah They are not members, and suposibly a few misionaries have taught them, but not a ton. They are going to be our next project, the mother and sister in law of a mision president. They invited us to a lunch appointment on wednesday, so well see how that goes!! Other news, im old.. Other news, HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!!!!! LOVE YA!!!! Yes the Church is true!!
Love each and everyone of you
Elder High

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