Monday, April 25, 2016

Change isn't always bad



This week was such a good week! This past week was changes, and there were a few changes that occured. Elder Paiz has left me. After 3 months together, hes gone. Now my new companion is Elder Rangel. Super chill dude. He lived in mexico till he was 14 and then he moved to Utah. He said that when he moved to utah, his second week there, the misionaries found him, and 4 weeks later he got baptized hahaha. MIsionaries dont waste any time haha. In our zone there has been a bunch of changes. Its been a little crazy adjusting to the changes and getitng all the misionaries on the same page, but really, changes were great. 

So Ive been thinking alot about happiness these past few months. I have witnessed that there is always a corelation between happiness and sucess. So saying that, Ive been trying to figure out what makes happy people happy. What i have seen and experienced is that many things in life dont always go as good as we want them to. It is very easy to get disheartened and depressed when this ocurs. Nevertheless, I know many people that even when things dont go well, focus on the miracles and the blessings that they have. THis helps them to push through and helps them to keep smiling even when things are tough. Those who rocognize Gods hand in everything alwyas seem to have a higher level of happiness. I believe that God didnt make us to be sad. THe scriptures say in 2nd Nefi 2 that man was made to have joy. God wants us to be happy, and satan wants us to be miserable. By focusing on the miracles of God, we can fufill the plan of God and live happy. The church is true! Love you all


Elder High

After sacrifice comes the blessings

Muy Buenas Dias Familia y Amigos!


Okay, so very interesting things have happened haha. This week was the dreded last week before changes. That entails that many misionaries get in their head that this is going to be their last week in their area, so they dont have to work.. that makes things difficult haha. Anyways, about those changes, I am going to spend another change here in Monterrey. By the end of this change, I will have spent 8 months in the third smallest area in the mission. Oh well. My companion Elder Paiz yes is leaving. Tomorrow I will be with an Elder Rangel. I have known this Elder for a long time now, and he is great. Ill be going forward with positivity.


So this past week was a little difficult one could say. We have had a few problems with missionaries in the zone, and most of our lesson plans fell through. We did have a chance to visit a few of our sure and sure investagators. This sunday was stake conference, and an area 70 came down, so we had really high hopes that our investagators would show up. Not one investagator showed up..... tough. BUT, 30 minuetes into the conference one investagator showed up. We talked to him after the conference, and i have never in my mission seen anyone so prepared to be a part of this church. His girlfriend is a very strong member, and really really is encouraging. Before we talked, the girlfriend had already taought him everything that we are supposed to teach him. It was a huge miracle for us. Its always interesting to see how after the dificulties come the miracles and blessings. God does and will bless us, but he is going to try us first. After sacrifice comes the blessings. The church is true!!


Elder High

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A good week

Buenas Dias mi Amado Familia!!!
So first off, that is some really interesting news about our bishopric. I know that Bishop Bransen (thats weird haha) will be a great Bishop. I may be here in Honduras but I can still support my ward back home!! Sometimes changes come unexpectedly, but everything happens for a good reason. When I started my mission, I had no clue why in the world I got sent to Honduras, but now im starting to understand why. God knows what hes doing!  
This past week for us in Monterrey was a verry special week. I think I wrote a letter a few weeks ago talking about some miracles that we had. We visited a member out of the blue and she referenced us one of her friends. Well, she got baptized yesterday. Ill send you a picture of Julie and her old friend Elsa who is the member that we visited. Her baptism was really really spiritual. She bore her testimony yesterday about her conversion. She had a tough conversion, but that has made her tougher and more ready to withstand all that more trials that will come. It was a good finish to a good week.
Im not going to lie, Ive had a hard time in monterrey. When I was here before, we worked our butt off, and didnt really have a lot of fruit. All of the fruit came after I left. When I came back, I worked my butt off again, and still with little fruit. Having this baptism has really lifted my spirits. It has been hard here, but I have learned so much and I mean so so much here. I have learned how to really work here, and how to be patient. I have learend of the power of real faith. At times, I could not understand the will of God, but after all is said and done, Im starting to understand. God had alot that he needed me to learn here. Truly, I am extremly gratefull for the opportunty that Ive had to be here. Next week again is changes, and I feel like there is a good chance that I could be out, We will see. Oh well, Ill keep doing what Im supposed to be doing! Take care fam!!
Elder High
The lady in the yellow dress is Elsa, the member that gave us the reference! super great!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What do missionaries mean to you?

Buenas Dias Family!!!


Wow, so I have no idea where to start with what has happened this past week. So much good has happened this past week. We have had all sorts of super espiritual experiences this past week. This past week we had opportunities to have a leadership council, a zone conference, and of course General conference. After a week like this, we feel ready to keep fighting and to keep going forward in this work. 

In our zone conference, we invited a member of the high council in Stake Toncontin to come and talk to us about what misionaries mean to him. Id like to share with you what he told us. He said

When he was 17 two strangers in funny white shirts and ties knocked on his door. He listened and in 4 weeks chose to be baptized. When he was 17 the missionaries were angels.

When he was 18, he would help the missionaries teach his friends and family in his small little town. He spent almost everyday with the missionaries. When he was 18, the missionaries were his best friends.

When he was 19, he chose to serve a mission himself. He entered the mission field unknowingly what he was about to enfront. To him, all of the missionaries serving in his mission were so expierienced. When he was 19, the missionaries were his examples.

When he was 20, he was placed in leadership positions in his mission. He became the experienced missionary. When he was 20, the missionaries were his aprentices, his students.

When he was 21, he finished his mission. He went home with fond memories. When he was 21, the missionaries were whom he was.

When he was 22, he married and had his first son. He still worked alongside the missionaries now for a different reason. When he was 22, the missionaries were what he wanted his son to be. 

To this high council member, the missionaries were and still are Angels, his Best Friends, his Example, his Aprentices, Whom he Was, What he wanted his Son to Be. That touched my heart and opened my eyes. Many hondurans look to us in the same aspect. I feel hardly worthy to bear many of those titles that we bear. We carry those titles that ive stated, but most important we carry the name of our lord Jesuschrist around with us everywhere we go. In the preisthood session of general conference, the prophet spoke speaking of priesthood authority said, ¨Wherever you go, you go with your priesthood.¨ As a missionary, wherever we go, we go with the name of our lord and Saivor. You may know, but there is a rule for us that everywhere we go, we take our plaques. The misison plaque carries two names, the name of my family, and the name of my lord and Savior. Trully and honestly everwhere and literally everwhere we go, we go with Jesuschrist. It is very easy to think of all that COULD happen, but yet all that DOES happen is quite different. We come and go in the name of the lord, and in the name of the lord we are protected. This mission has been such a huge blessing to me. I marvel at every miracle that i have witnessed. I have seen the hand of the lord in this work. This church has to be true, is just has to be true. As said many times in conference, God loves us. We are his children. He has to love us. I love you all too, and will continue to keep praying for you all.


Elder High

Happy Easter



Whats up Family!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes so this week was hot!! The week of Easter is the most celebrated week in this country. They call this week the Holy Week, as reference to the last week of Jesus Christ. Also, the Holy week is the hottest week of the year in Honduras. Everyone has the week off because it is a national holiday. THese two things combined doesnt mean good news for us. This week, everyone in our area took off to the beaches, or tourist places, and left us in the sun. Yeah, we spent many many hours just walking around looking for ANYONE to talk too haha. Me and my compaion are a little burnt, but oh well. What doest kill you makes you stronger! haha.Nah, we did find a few people to teach, and actually had a really good week. I really really really wish I had more time to write, but unfortunatly I have to be obedient. My time is up, but Love yall a ton!!


Elder High

If you ask, you will receive

Buenas Dias!!


This week has definatly come and gone. I do not have very much time at all, so ill keep things short. This week was a little more tough. We had a lot of really good lessions, and we have taught and learned alot this week. Its just that I dont feel like we are living up to our full potential. I feel like there is so much more that we can do. Its the good, better, best feeling. We are doing good, so we feel good, but I know we can do better, and I know we will feel better. But always, there is a best way to do things, which will help us to feel the best. I have been doing alot of study about prayer this week. The scriptures say many many times that if ask, we will recieve. If we ask for the best, look for the best, and do the best, God will give us the best. No argument. God is bound to give us the best if we ask for the best, and if we do the best. That thought has helped me through this week. I want the best and only the best for our investagators. I want the best and only the best for those I serve. To give them the best, I first have to have the best. I have had way to much to do, and dont really have much time to write today. Im doing fine, dont worry. I just want to leave this small thought with yall.

Love you all so much


Elder High