Monday, December 21, 2015

A true testimony of Christ

ba ba ba Im... Dreaming... of a white.... Cristmas.... Haha

Yeah, I know its christmas time, but it sure doesnt feel like it! I do kinda of miss the snow, and the cold weather, and the traditions and everything, but I wouldnt change what Ill be doing this christmas for anything in the world. I love what I am doing here. I love why I am here. I love every single aspect of this mission that I am in. What a privlidge I have to proclaim the truths that Christ was born to Mary more than 2000 years ago, that through Christ we can be made whole, that there is much to hope for, and that those who still seek after christ will have victory over death. What a blessing it is to be a missionary at this time of the year. I remember back to a quote that I read before my mission. Simply it states "Wise men still seek after Christ." The wisest men that I know are constantly seeking to find Christ in  every aspect of life, in every person, in every way. There are many plain and simple truths that can be opened when we put in the effort to seek after Christ. 

I have also spent a good amount of time pondering the blessings and the miracles that I have in my life. First off, every day is a miracle, and is given from God. I have the blessings to have the best parents in this life, and the best family. I have the blessing to have this gospel in my life. I have the blessing to be engulfed in the service of God, and in the service of my fellow man, wherever they may be. I have the blessing to have the best companions in the mission. I have had the blessing to help many to understand how to help themselves. I have seen the miracles of life given, and of life taken. I have seen the miracles of many being healed due to their faith. I have seen and witnessed countless miracles that prove to me the true power of God. I have had the blessing to have been given hardships, and to have been given weaknesses. I am a stronger person due to them. I have also heard a quote from a seventy I want to say who said "A saint is not someone who is perfect, A saint is someone who keeps on trying." I have had the blessing to be a saint in these later days, and to have been blessed to keep on trying.

 The Christmas spirit has overcome me. I may not be who I was last christmas, but God doesnt care about who I was, only who I am now, and who I am becoming. I am becoming a deciple of Jesus Christ. I am learing how to seek after him. I am really coming to learn the real meaning of Christmas. Christmas is not for me, but is for others. Christ was born to give his life to others, so thats what ill be doing this christmas. I love you all so so verry much. I wish I could be there with you, but God has already made my plans this christmas. I wish that every one of you will have the merriest little christmas posible.

With love

Merry CHRISTmas

Elder High

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A smile is worth a thousand words!

Muy Buenas dias!!
So yes, changes were last week... Luckily I am still here in Campameto!!! I really love it here, I am convinced that it is the best part of Honduras. On the kinda sad side, Elder Storrs had changes, so that means I am here with another companion. I am chilling here with the wonderfull Elder Efigenio! This guy literally is the best! I have had such a great week with this man. He comes from Queens in NYC. I am positive that he is the only missionary who is from New York, or the East coast in this mission. He is such a chill dude. One other really really great thing about him is that he is really dedicated. He came to work, and he knows he is here to do what is expected. He really does understand really well that he has been called to represent Jesus Christ. I am way way way excited for this next change!!
 As for the work, I dont even know if I have to tell yall. THINGS ARE GREAT!!!! Even when things go bad, things are great. Just everything about being here as a missionary is great. I learn so much everyday from every experience. Literally, I feel like a new person!! Funny story, this past week has been a difficult week for an interesting reason. I have had a sore on the corner of my mouth, and everytime I smile, my mouth just burns. This has been a huge obstacle, because litterally, I have had a 24 hour smile on my face for about the last 5 or 6 months. Before my mission, I never used to smile, I didnt even know how to smile haha, but now, I dont know how to stop smiling. I just feel so happy just all the time. I get such a good feeling when I meet someone new, and I can see they are a little shy or closed, and I just smile at them. More often than not, they cant help but smiling back at me. I feel like this christmas, I really dont have a lot to give to anyone, I am kinda a poor missionary haha, but I have been giving out free smiles to everyone!! It does not sound like much, but I have seen how much a smile can mean to someone. I remember my first day in Honduras. I was so nervous. We had a small little welcome to the mission meeting, and there we recieved our companions. I swear I have never felt so nervous in my life. When president Fortuna said Elder High will be with Elder Chirinos, Elder Chirinos gave me the biggest smile, and I immediatly knew that everything was going to be okay. The Power of the smile is real. Just a smile can change the world. I am convinced of that. 
 I dont really know why I went off on that, but I did! haha. Just like always, have a excellent week!
Love you all so so much
Elder High
Ya entonces esta tiempo por los magnifico fotos de el guapo Elder High jajaja! 😁
My wonderfull companion Elder Efigentio!

This is Campamento. Really really really pretty! This last photo I think is pretty cool haha.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Ya, entonces ya.. 
So today, I feel great. I feel just really happy and in just a really really good mood today. I think it could be partially due to it being almost Christmas. All I know is I feel good! I have oficially been here in campamento for 6 weeks, or one change. Tomorrow is changes, and well, who knows what is going to happen. I should not be leaving, but there is a good chance that my companion is out. Well have to wait and see. Everything is great here, like always haha.
So this week, I didnt get to spend a lot of time out in my area working. On tuesday, I had to take a 2 hour bus ride to Tegucigalpa to take out my residency. So yeah, I am now a legal hondureño. My companion was sick a little, so we took some time to rest up, and I spend a good chunk of time in area Guimaca, the other area in my district, helping out the other Elders down there. It seem like alot of my time gets eaten up by doing things I dont really want to do, but which are necicary. I am sure yall can proably realate that to the gospel in some way haha. For my and my companion, efficiency is hugly important. We didnt get much time to do work, but the little work that we did was very effective. We are working with a ton of really really great people here in Campamento. 
There has been this one family that we have been visiting named family Ponce. They are great, just the father is a little sick. The father has some problem with his leg that makes it hard to walk. We visited them this week for the first time in about 7 days, and in those last 7 days, he has not been able to move his legs to get out of bed. He thought his body was shutting down and that he was dying. Well, we came in and immediatly got the impresion that we need to give this man a blessing. So we did. Immediatly after, My companion suprising to me said out of the blue, ¨ Alright, get up and walk, youve been blessed and youve been healed.¨ Sure enough, he got up and walked around the floor of his little house. It was pretty neat. We visited them yesterday, and the father wasnt there, because he was working, for the first time in months. A blessing of faith heals the sick, and yes it really does. 
Really, we are 100 percent fine here. Please please do not worry about me. We are protected by the lord, because we are servents of the lord. If the lord can make  a sick limp man walk, he can keep us protected. 
I am like always, looking forward to the future with hope. Things are verry bright in the future. 
Love ya lots and lots
Elder High
So we kinda decorated our house the best we could for Christmas haha
and a selfie with the new camera!
District meeting, and a monkey jaja
The Baptisms

So when you told me about dad and his harmonica, I about died haha. the reason being, one of my zone leaders gave me a harmonica and a hymn book for it. So ive been learning the harmonica too haha. Actually, in these last baptisms, I played a musical number on my harmonica haha