Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I knew that 5 years of Spanish would eventually come in handy!

Hey family!


Yup, this week was definitly another week, haha. Nah, this week was actually really incredible. Me and Elder Chirinos have been working really hard to change this area, and things are slowly starting to turn around. We have alot of really hopefull investigators who are making great progress. Things are looking up for this area. As missionarys, we set goals of what we want to accomplish every day and every week, but in reality, our mission is to ¨Invite others to come unto Christ.¨ That is really all that im doing here, is inviting others to change their lives by coming unto the Savior. Everything that I do is centered in and around the Savior. When people really understand the importance of the Attonment, people really begin to change. And it is my job to help people recognize the importance of the Attonment in the lives of everyone here in Honduras. It is a privleged work, and I am really honored to be a small part of this work. Every day I learn a little bit more about how i can help people, and how i can be a bigger part of this grand work.


Other news, this week our zone had the opportunity to go to the temple here in Tegucigalpa. All i can say is freaking wonderfull. Everything was in spanish, but ive come to the realization that all the work is the same here, as it is in the States. The Gospel is the same in all parts of the world, no matter the language barrier. The temple here is super beatufull. It is super tall, and everything is built up. It is kinda small length wise, but it is 5 stories tall,so actually it is quite big. Interesting fact, The biggest window of all the temples is in the Tegu temple. haha. I really dont have alot more to write about today, things are as great as ever here, so yeah


Los vermos, Check it, quidence 

Con Amor siempre


Elder High


Elder Chirinos en Guatemala- Si, Elder Chirinos esta Saliendo en cinco semanas. Un poco triste, pero todo esta bien!

 Cambios en mi Investigadores- Definitalmente,esta es un gran cambio en la vidas de mi investagadores. la Poder de El Señor y esta evangelio es incredible. 

 Botas- Nah, esta fui no mucho juvia esta semana. Pero, Yo creo yo debo comprar botas quizás esta semana.

I dont know why i wrote that in spanish, but yeah, other things, for the package, I dont know. I really dont need a whole lot right now. I dont know if it is possible to stuff some church history books or any other church reading material, becase literally thats all i can do for entertainment is read. I have already read Jesus The Christ twice, and all of the other Missionary library books. If its not possible to send any books in this package, that is what i want for christmas, is church books.. haha.   Nah, really all is well here. Its crazy that Jaden and Braxton and Chase are all starting their missions soon. Time flys. Really thats all i have to say



Su guapo Hijo

Elder High  

Tegucigalpa, Honduras Temple

Nosotros tuvimos un oportunidad esta semana para limpiar de nuestra casa. Nuestra casa ahora es super mejor!

 After the yard clean up

Monday, May 18, 2015

Another great week!

Hola de Honduras!


So yup, another great week in the mission. This week again has been crazy fast, which i dont know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Really, all in all, not much has happened with investagators. Me and Elder Chirinos have been spending alot of time this week knocking doors, and finding old investagators of old missionaries. We have found a handfull of really great people who we feel we can really help. That is what we are here to do, help people. We have been using service as a great way to contact and meet new people. We serve everyone in every moment possible. It´s difficult at times, but when i serve, i come to the realizatation that i am here in this area as a represenative of The Lord Jesus Christ. I am acting as the hands of work for The Lord. This is kinda a huge burden, acting as the represenative of Chirst, but there is great power. It is really quite increadible the power that is given when we take upon ourselves the name of Christ. 


Other news this week, my first transfer period was this week. In my district there are 8 missionaries. before the transfer, there was 3 Nortes, and now I am the lone Gringo... I am fully developed in the Latin Culture now. I do not have a white guy even in my district to rely on. It is actually a really good thing though. I feel like i am leaning spansih so fast. Its difficult because i feel like im forgeting my English. I have spoken 0 English in the past 7 days. Writing you in english is the only time that i get to use my english.. haha. Also just to let you know, grandmas package came this week. Freaking Granola bars!! I was almost in tears it was so good!! Haha! Other than that, a pretty normal week of missionary work. Yeah, The Church is true, the is great power in the gospel.


Siempre con amor

Elder High


His new district
Playing a little Futbol

I have no idea what this is!

Bradin's zone leader - He's from El Salvador

The new zone.  He sticks out like a sore thumb!

Monday, May 11, 2015

The letter after the best phone call ever!

Hey Family!!


So another week down. It was really good to talk to yall yesterday, it really lifted my spirit. In a short 7 months we will get to talk again! It crazy how fast the time goes. I´ll only get 16 transfers, and this week is my second. I get 6 more weeks with Elder Chirinos and then we will part ways. I honestly do not have a ton to write about today, just things are great as ever here! Every day things get better. The weather has been improving everyday, my spanish has been improving everday, and our sucess is improving everyday. Its incredible to see how the lord works. He works in his own time, not in my time, but his time. Its hard to have the faith and to belive, but it is so worth it to stick things out. Gracias por todo de su amor. La Iglesia es verdadero


Elder High


 Baptisms- So yesterday we had a baptism of 2 teenage brothers. Alejandro and Roberto. They are super good kids who made the right choice. 8 months ago the missionaries baptized their parents, and for the past 6 weeks, us and the sisters in this area have been tag teaming teaching the boys. All and all the whole family is super great. In the 8 months that the parents have been members, the havent missed one day of church. They have the goal of having their family sealed in the temple, and having their boys baptized was one of the huge steps.

Cars- So honestly i do not know. Ive heard that the Asistant to the President gets a car, but i really dont know. Other than possibly the AP, no missionaries get cars.

Elder Chirinos- So Elder Chirinos and his mom have been members for 5 years. His father isnt a member and really doesnt support Elder Chirinos at all. Because he doesnt have a pasport, he wasnt allowed to leave for the CCM, so Elder Chirinos didnt go to a CCM. 

Monterry, Honduras - This gives a good idea of where Bradin is living.  The houses are literally built on top of each other.

I'm guessing this is a homemade dumbbell.

Baptism of Roberto and Alejandro.  I believe these are their parents that were baptized 8 months ago.

Alejandro, Roberto, and the counselor in the bishopric.  This man has been a second family to the missionaries.  As a mother, I am very grateful.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

When it rains, it pours!!!


So its great to here that your living it up in Florida, and that you get to experience a little bit of the heat! Actually, this week has not really been all that hot. That is because the rain season is starting. Every day this week it has rained. And when i say rained, i mean rained. I have never seen rain like this before. It creates instant rivers in the streets, and just everything is wet. I dont know what id rather be, Wet, or dying of Heat. Oh well. So I really dont have a ton to write about this week. This week was pretty normal, but it was a roller coaster week. We had alot of ups and downs this week.


This week we had a conference with all the new missionaries in the mission. Esentailly it was a how are you doing up to this point, and how is your trainers. It was kinda difficult because we talked a little bit about numbers, and our success up to this point. At the moment, me and Elder Chirinos had 0 investigators with a baptism date, and 0 investigators who are progressing. Elder Ang and his trainer had 18 investigators with a Baptism Date, and 20 that are progressing. It was so difficult not to compare ourselves to them. After the meeting, Elder Chirinos was really kinda angry and stressed, and he felt like he wasnt as good as the other trainers. It was kinda a difficult time, but we talked through it, and refocused ourselves. 


The next day, we changed our mindset, and we went to the basics. The previous weeks, when we would teach, we would kinda brush off the importance of the invitations to act. We dicided to make the commitments, the invitations a priority. We were a lot more direct, and we really stressed our  focus on the commitments, and we had the best day yet. We recived 4 baptism commitments, and alot of other commitments . It was pretty great. I truly believe there is a reason for everything, we just dont always know what the reason is in the moment. Sometimes we need to be humbled to realize our weaknesses and mistakes. I am humbled every day, and when i am humbled, that is when i learn the most. I leave these things with you and cant wait to talk to you in 6 days!!


Elder High

His companion being goofy.

A motorcycle that an investigator bought.  This picture shows just how hilly the area is.  When he said nothing was flat, he wasn't kidding.

Bradin saw this Landcruiser in central Comayaguela.  Pretty sweet!