Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A funny lesson

So, I dont know how, but another 6 weeks has passed. Not only that, but 18 months has passed. Tomorrow is changes, and i aint going anywhere. I am perfectly content where im at and whom im with. I will get another 6 weeks here in santa fe. In other words, Im all good. So this week has been a very interesting week. For a few months now we have been planing something called a Noche Blanca, or Night of White. Essentially, the plan was that every companionship of misionaries in the stake would have a baptism, and were would baptize everyone all on the same night. Everyone would be dressed in baptism cloths, white clothes, for the baptisms. In theory, great idea, in reality, kinda worked haha. So a week ago, we had more than 22 baptisms planed for this saturday. Due to certain problems, we had 12 baptisms. Unfortunatly, not every companionship had baptisms, but honestly, the majority did. Me and Elder Martinez had the baptism of Samuel Aplicano. Samuel is great. Hes 12 years old, and almost all his family is members. Hes just a good kid haha. This past week we have sacrificed alot of time to plan and organize the baptisms. We had to give various interveiws, various meeting with stake leaders, various everything. We really didnt have a whole lot of time to do normal misionary work, but yet the lord provides. When all was said and done, we had a baptism, so no complaints. Other crazy things, as I mentioned, we have been really ocupied doing other things than normall misionary work. We were really worried yesterday that no investagator was going to show up to church, because we honestly didnt teach or visit much investagators. The lord provides and 6 investagators showed up out of nowhere. Through sacrifice comes blessings.
So also sometimes crazy things happen. So yesterday  showed up to church an investagator named Angel. We have been teaching this guy for a few weeks. The only thing is that this guy is super odd, like weirdo. Hes in his 40s, lives with his wife, 2 daughters, and his two cats. I can not explain why, but everytime we teach this guy, something has to happen. He belives in everything that has do with christianity, like most honduras, but he is just a lilttle confused with his beliefs. For example, this last week we tried teaching him about prayer, something super simple for almost anyone that believes in Christ and the Blible. We taught him how to pray, and everything was just great, but.. then he was like, "I dont like the idea of praying. I dont like having to rely and depend on God. I think God wants us to be independent. Look, America is the most powerfull country because it is the most independent." We were like dude, its not like that...  Angel is just like that, just a little lost with his beliefs. Well yesterday after church we wanted to visit him. he told us to come by at 5, but we showed up a little early at 4. We knocked his door, and he let us in, and sitting on his couch was a jehovas witness, cool. The witness finished quicly and left, actully this guy was pretty chill. So we start to teach Angel, we sing a hymn, pray, and then he says he has a question. ok. He said that he heard in church about a war between the Nephites and the Lamanites, and he wanted to know what was that. The most random thing.. We were trying to explain the whole story behind the book of mormon, and then someone knocked on his door. Angel let him the guy in, and it was another freaking jehovas witness.. hahaha, but this guy wasnt as chill as the other, the secund witness was some old crazy man.. THis freaking man tried for an hour in front of our investagator to prove us wrong, and he couldnt do it.. We got talking about the spirit world, and the witness just got furios that we would believe that. The craziest thing is that he tried to respond to our doctrine by teaching what happens to dogs when they die.. He was so lost. Angel was so lost. And the worst part is that for an hour straight, in the same freaking room was Angels daughter in the corner making out haha It was literally the oddest lession that i have ever had in my mission. Sometimes the mission just gives you lemons when you dont want nor expect to get lemons. hahaha. The mision sometimes.. 
So, hopelly you all get the vibe, that im dong great, becausse im doing great. 
Love yall
Elder High

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The day he bought a machete

Muy Buenas Dias mi Querido Familia!
Yeah, Honduras is so going to win their first olympic medal. So honestly here, people could care less about the olympics, for that reason theyve never won anything. The only thing that really matters is Futbol, soccer. Let me tell ya, Catrachos, hondurans, love their futbal. Everyone and their dog plays all day everyday out in the streets. Me and Elder Martinez were in a lession with one of the very few hondurans that doesnt like futbol on saturday, when Honduras scorred the goal. This country went crazy.. hahaha. I am in heartland Tegucigalpa, and everyone in this freaking city lost it when Honduras scorred. THe whole city erupted with shouts and screams, and then came the firecrackes. Literaly, 5 minuets straight of anyoine and everyone throwing firecrackes.. hahaha.. Yeah, I heard that Honduras won... 
Other than Futbol, this week was actually quite good. We've been trying to do all that we can to help this poor little ward of Santa Fe out. Still, we dont have a Bishop.. Its very sad to see a active ward with more that 130 asisting members every week, have no leader. This church is the true church, and it is a church that doesnt change or adapt with the philosphies of man. If a man isnt worthy to be bishop, he wont be bishop. And thats that. The Ward is in a very rough patch right now, but what is thriving is the mision work. Honestly, the mision work is what is holding this ward together. The members get excited when we bring new people to church. Members are more willing to visit with us than to fufill with their callings. Its good for us, just not ideal. Weve been trying to think of ways to balance it out, and weve decided to try to leave more with members without callings and with priests and youth. Almost everyday this week we were able to go out and work with some great youth. From what weve seen, its been working. We are hoping that this saturday we will have a few baptisms. It would be good for us, but even better for this ward. The work continues.
Also just a few little things,1. Elder Paiz finished his mision last tuesday. You should try to look for him on facebook, Joseph Paiz. 2. Today I buy a machete 3. Happy Aniversary!!!!!!!!
4. Love yall
Elder High

Monday, August 8, 2016

A Great Week

Good Afternoon
yes, that was the focus of this last week!!!
Really not a lot else happened. just the family is soo good. They were so happy. Honestly, This is why im here. More than three months ago Elder Johnson started working with them, and then I came in. We married them, and a month later, they get baptized. It has been a huge pleasure to help this family. Just to let you know, im doing great here. Things are going good. There is so much I want to tell yall, but there just isnt time today. Just have a great week.
Elder High
 Familia Reyes
Buenas Tardes!!
Pues, aquí estoy escribiendo, recordando todo lo que paso este semana, y que loco semana tenia. So... this was a very odd week. So on Monday, we had a lesion with the Family Reyes. As we were teaching them, we asked them when they were going to get baptized. Literally the sat silent for 3 minuets, and they responded saying in spanish a phrase, Dele Viaje este Sabado, o lets get it done this saturday. We were so freaking suprised! It was a miracle silence. So we thought that everything was good with the family. We talked about what they needed to know for the interveiw. Everyone that gets baptized has to pass an interview. I asume you know the usual questions. On Wednesday, they were complety fine for the interview. On thursday, we had the interview. The wife Waleska passed, but.....the Husband Carlos drank a cup of cofee in the morning, didnt pass the interview. They couldnt get baptized this week. In this mission, the perosn getting baptized has to be clean and worthy for a full week. Honestly. i was a little depressed. We have done so much for this family, and then at the last minuet they fall. They have never had the desire to be baptized, and then when they finally have the desire, they cant. I am starting to understand more what the higher plan is. God doesnt just want people to get baptized, God wants people to be converted to this gospel. God wants people who are willing to live and to give everything for this gospel. The family isnt quite ready yet. I am okay with that. It is a lot better to wait for someone to get converted before their baptism. Hopefully they will be ready for this saturday, but if not, we arent going to give up on them. We arent going to stop with the family untill they experience a full conversion. 
Other things that have been crazy. So on Friday, I went on an interchange with Elder Caballero, (Elder gentleman haha) from colombia.It was a really good interchange. Just in the night I called my companion Elder Martinez to ask him how his day was and what happened, and he told me that he had to go home early because he had a bad earach. The next morning he called me really early and told me that he was going to the hospital because he was bleeding out of his ear the whole night.He had some wierd infection that caused his inner ear to bleed. The crazy thing is that I wasnt with him when all of this happened haha. The next day He had to stay inside with another sick misionary of the zone, So i had another interchange. This time with Elder Ramos de Ecuador. On sunday, we went to church and then went home and did nothing. As a misionary, the house is like a jail cell. Literally, there is nothing worse than being stuck in the house as a misionary. So yeah, I am with my poor companion writing right now haha. Oh the mission sometimes haha.
Hope yall have a great week!
Love yall
Elder High