Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Happiness is when what we think, what we say, and what we do are in harmony one with a another.
So this has been a fun week! We have had some pretty good miracles and some pretty sweet experiences. This week we had the baptism of Axel. He is literally the coolest kid, who has had a really rough life. He was born with miniture arms, and only three fingers, but he has such a positive outlook on life. Almost his whole family is members other than his mother. He has been going to church and has recieved tons of misionaries for the longest time, but he could never be baptized because his mother wouldnt give him the permision. Well.. three months ago, his mother got sick with a diseseas called Chiqungunya. Normally chiqungunya just causes alot of joint and body pain, but every now and again, there are bad cases, The mother of Axel was one of those bad cases. She got chiqungunya bad, and was hospitalized for a good month, and then after a month, she passed away... We found Axel 2 months after the passing of his mother, and we taught him all about the plan of salvation, and what happens to familys and individuals after they die. He had a ton of questions, and was so desperate for answers. This whole experience with him I have felt bad for the kid, he is just a 13 year old kid. He took the choice to be baptized, and what a neat experience it was. His dad is a member who hasnt gone to church in a really long time, but he came to his sons baptism. Thats what this work is about, giving people hope. Axel got baptized because we gave him hope than he will see his mother again one day. Axel gave hope to his dad whos also trying to recover for the incident. That hope led them to action, and that action led them to having a peace of mind and being happy. I love this work for that reason. that people can have hope for the future. This is the true happiness. The church is true, live it and love it. Take care Friends.
Elder High
 The baptism and some of Axel
 We found some sick painter who painted us a painting
 A snow cone cart.

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