Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Forever friends in Honduras

Buenas Diashmmm
So.. This week was great! Elder Martinez has been a blast. I have said many times this, but I have been blessed with the best companions. Elder Martines is from Quetzaltanango Guatemala. He has a crazy past but a very strong testimony. he also has the same amount of time as me. There are very few misionaries that will go home with me, but he is one of them. We are going to have a fun change together. 
So there is some interesting things that has happened. Elder Martinez has alredey served in Santa Fe. He is repeting area like I repeted Monterrey. This again has been a very neat experience for him to see how his converts are progressing, and to see those that he loved and served again. We have also been visiting old investagators which has been very neat. The family reyes that got married last week have been going through some rough times right now. On thursday we visited them and their little daughter Jenny was sick. We were with the primary president, and she asked the mother if it would be okay if we gave her daughter a blessing. The mother aproved and so we blessed the little girl, and the next day she woke up healthy. On saturday, the little boy joel came down sick, and also the mother had a tooth infection that was causing a ton of pain. They were not able to be baptized this week, but the hope leads us to the next week. Oh well.
Also i like always have been meditating about everything. Ive come to the realization that im not just a misionary of Mision Honduras Comayagulea. I will one day inherit the kingdom of God, and I am here in honduras looking for friends to come with me. This work is incredible. I have made a ton of friends, and i feel like i will see many of them again some day. The church is true.
Elder High
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