Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Patience is a virtue...unless you're waiting for your missionaries letters!!!

“Patience is Heavenly. Obedience is noble. Forgiveness is merciful and exaltation is godly; and He that holds out faithful to the end shall in no wise lose his reward.  A good man will endure all things to honor Christ, and even depose of the whole world, and all of it, to save his soul.” Joseph Smith.

So grandma sent me this quote, and I love it!! I feel like in many ways this quote applies to what has been happening this past week. At times, it is verry difficult to hold out to the end, but that is what all good men do. This week has been  a verry unsetteling week. So much has happened that realy has tried our patience and our trust and faith. This has just been a crazy week. 

So everything was just going great. We were teaching, preaching, seing miracles, we were loving the work, and we were just flat out happy, but...... theres always a but... Everything was fine till friday. I dont know why, but when things are going good, it is so much easier to study and think about the topic of trials and hardship, so friday in our companionship study, we study trials. We had lesson plans for every hour of the day on friday, there honestly was nothing that could possibly go wrong. We started out okay, and then around 3ish, we got a phone call from one of our investagatos who called to cancel the lesson. no biggie, then within 5 minuets, a member called us to tell us that he couldnt leave with us to visit. Than within the next 30 minuets, ALL of our investagators called to let us know that NOONE was going to be home. No problem, its happend before. Literally 5 minuets afterwards, the father of one of our investagators who has been progresing soo much( he has givin up drinking for more than 2 weeks) calls, saying that we have to come by. We visit, and Dario, our investagator is totally drunk. We were so confused because he was doing so so good. We tried to talk to him a little, but it was impossible, he brain was fried. We left him and just decided to visit a surere than sure less active who we knew would just let us in, we needed a break. We walk to her house and her, and her whole family was outside, wierd. We walk up to her, and when she sees us, she just started to cry.. She explained that her 15 year old daughter ran away, and she was almost positive that she left to live with the gang here. That sucks.. We tried to comfort her, and then we left so emotionally lost and confused. literally we turned our back away from her, and wihtin 5 seconds some dude in the street starts yelling at us. We were like now what?? He just about ran up to us and asked us the wirdest question, he asked if we knew how to tie ties.. We were like, yeah, we wear ties everyday haha. He was like, I need yall to tie me some ties, come to my house, so we followed him. He led us to a freaking house of a less active that we knew, and the craziest thing is this less active man was outside just looking up to the sky, doing literaly nothing. We found out that they were counsins, entered, tied the ties, and taught them the gospel. After we left we just sort of ran into miracle after miracle after miracle. Honestly, in one freaking day we went from the worst of worst to being blessed beyond imagined. At times, all we need to do is endure, good things go to he who waits.The church is true for many reasons. It is nesicary that things are hard, so that things can get easy. The Patient always win out. Take care and have a great week!


Elder High

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