Monday, February 22, 2016

The work continues

Buenas Dias Familia!!!!!!


Wow, so this week was another week. Oficially, I am more than a year into my mission. Honestly, I completly forgot up till yesterday, and so no I did not do anything at all. But yeah,  I guess that happened. haha. No really things are great as always. Like always, I have no complaints. One thing that I have learned is when we do all that we can, the lord will make up the rest. This past week, I want to say on tuesday, all of our plans fell through. So we resorted to knocking doors. The problem is that ive already knocked the majority of the doors here, and many people have rejected us harshly. We spent literally 3 hours knocking doors, getting doors slamed on us, we knocked some doors by a taxi port, and some taxi drivers literally spat on us, and in these three hours, we did not find not even one person who even wanted to have a brief conversation with us. We literally just felt broke. We did all that we could posibly do. With low spirits, and in need for a break, I dont know why, but we both felt a need to go to a active members house. Normally we avoid members unless if we have dinner with them. This member doesnt really need much help, the mother of the house is a temple worker and is in the temple 3 days a week. It was very odd that we felt a need to go to her, but we did. When we visited her, she let us in and told us that she had a friend, a neighbor with her. We spend 10 -15 minuetes just talking with them getting to know them better, just more that anything resting. As we talked with this neighbor, we slowly started to change th etopic into a gospel related conversation, thats kinda what we do as missionarys haha. We found out that she doesnt go to any church, nor has she ever. We talked about the importance of God, and the help that he can be to us. We testified that if we put God first, if we do all that we can to follw him, that God will always be with us, looking after us, lifting us up when we have fallen. Me and my companion were in a low fallen state, and testifying to her that God lifts us up, lifted us up. She said right before we left that she needs God, and we are having a family home evening with her tonight. Really God is there, when we fall, he lifts us. When we do all that we can do, when we feel like it is impossible to do anything more, God will make up the difference and will help us do that little bit more. Its crazy how He works, but really I know that He works. God Lives and Loves us, He has Power to do anything and everything, especially for us being his children. THe Church is true. Love yall


Elder High

Monday, February 8, 2016

It's cold????

Super Bowl Sunday already!?????
Wow, so this past week flew bye, this past month flew bye, this past year flew bye.... wow, just wow...
So things have been verry cold this week, verry cold. It kinda sad that when it gets down to 65, 70, degrees,I fell cold..haha. There has been a few coldfronts that have been coming in which has made things in some aspects great, in others dificult. This past sunday has been one of the coldest days in tegus in almost 5 years. People here are not used to 65 degree weather, so when it gets a little chilly, almost no one leaves home. Great for us because everyone is home so we can teach anyone and everyone, bad for us because no one leaves to go to church. Oh well, thats been my week. Really all sors of crazy things have happened this week. I have had a whole ton of meetings and reunions with just about anyone and everyone. I have sat through and participated in a handfull of councills this week. I have learned that this church works through councills. I really like that. As i am starting to realize the way that the church is ran higher up, I am starting to realize that this church is perfectlly organized. Thats a strong testimony that there is a God who is perfect out there, and that everything that he does is perfect, and that everything that he has established is perfect. I have often heard that this church is perfect, and it is, its just that people arent perfect. But that is our goal of this life, is to become perfect, like our father in heaven is perfect. I have learned, felt, and know that the only way to become perfect, is to do as Moroni said, and come unto Christ. Through Christ, all mankind who humble themselvs, follow his gospel, endure to the end, will be perfected in and only through Christ. That is just some things ive been thinking about this week. Like always, time is extremly short so thats what i got for yall today. Love you all so much
Elder High

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The fruits of his labors

Buenas dias familia!!


Alright, so this week was crazy, and this week was amazing. So much happened this week, and there is so much that i wish to tell you all,but like always there is limited timed. I am still here in monterrey, which is a huge blessing really. We were able to go on interchanges, I already know this area, so i was able to stay and teach another misionary in my area. We have also had time to visit many very special families. I remember when i first started myh mission, I wrote a letter talking about a blessing that I gave to a man named Walter, and then later on how he came to church, and then latter on I ran into him into the social security office,Well walter is a member know, and him and his wife are strong strong members. My first convert has a calling in the church and is preparing for a mission. Countless people that I was teching beforehand were baptized. When I was serving in Monterrey before, I had only one baptism in 3 months which is very little for this mission, but from the fruits of my labors, many more were broughjt to the church. Again, all I have to say is THE CHURCH IS TRUE.


So me and my companion have been working with a christlike attitude this past week. We pray every morning that God would put someone in our path that we can help. We pray every morning that we can be a blesisng to someone. Maybe we are not doing the most work, and maybe we are not getting the most success or getting the most numbers, but I can say that we have helped somone in someway everyday in this past week. I love this work, I love helping people. I testify that if we look for someone to help, and if we go around with this type of attitude, God will help us help someone else. THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!


Love yall

Elder High