Monday, October 26, 2015

Do what is right

Well, Im done with another epoca of my mission. Tomorrow is transfer day. I have been living, teaching, and learning from Elder Espinoza for the last 12 weeks, or the last three months, and tomorrow, everything is going to change. But im not worried, or anxios, or scared of whats going to happen tomorrow. I just feel calm, and at peace. I feel like ive done all that I could do to make my area the best area in the misison, and that ive done all I could to train Elder Espinoza. Today doesnt feel any different than yesterday, and nor will tomorrrow feel any diferent than today. Im doing all that is expected of me, and than a little more. 


Thats what Ive found the secret of life to be. The search for peace, happiness, tranquilidad, are the great desires of everyone. And in my personal expierience, I feel the most at peace, when Im doing what I should, what is expected, and than doing just a little, not much, but just a little bit more than what I did yesterday. Its really simple, but yet its so difficult for many to understand. For example, we had an investagator who had a smoking problem. He was always tense, and he voiced his worry and concern for the future. We made it real clear to him, that he needs to stop, and obey the commandments of God, the word of wisdom, to feel a sense of hope for the future. He understood fine, but he didnt do anything to make today better than yesterday. He never stopped little by little. He would always say, tomorrow ill do more, tomorrow ill smoke one less cigarette, but when tomorrow became today, hed reuse the excuse, and put off his comitment till the next day. We tried all that we could to fill him in on the secret, that his future is quickly coming, and he can not prevent it from coming. His worrys and concerns for tomorrow will shortly become worrys and concerns of today. He understood perfectly what we were telling him, but he would not make that change today. In other words, he was procrastinating the day of his repentance. And one day in the very near future, we will not have any more time to make changes to our lifestyle. Ive learned if there is something I want to change, someone I want to be like, like for example Jesus Christ, I have to make that decion today to change, and then and then make that change today. By doing things tomorrow, nothing will get accomplished, no one will change, and Satan will win. If Satan wins, there will be misery in every corner of the earth, and no one will be at peace or will have joy. God created man to have joy, and we have joy when we are doing what he expects from us, and when we are changing little by little here a little and there a little every day. That is the secret to life, to do our work and change today, and then to do even more tomorrow. This I can testify of, because, I can feel myself changing everyday. I may not look any different today then yesterday, but im changing in the heart and in the mind. Everyone should and needs to feel these changes of heart and changes of mind to fell the joy and the peace that God can give us. Dont worry at all about me, Im doing fine, but also dont stop praying for me. Pray always, and ill always pray for you all, and dont worry, and I wont worry about you all.


Elder High

Monday, October 19, 2015

Carry on

Hola de Honduras
Hope yall had a great week, because I sure did. Things like always are going good. Weve had some rough moments this week with a few investagators, but all is well. We have lost a few investagators this week due to various problems, but weve also found some new positve investgators. I may not be a witness to the baptism of many that I am teaching right now, but it is good enough to me knowing that ive played a part in the conversion of many souls. 
As I said, there has been a few moments when things have gone rough, but its incredible, because almost whenever things go bad, the Lord always does something to bring us up. It was I want to say tuesday, we lost 3 real hopefull investagators in the day. I was a little disapointed, butin the night, our zone leaders called and said they had just came from the office and had packages for us. I did get your packege, so dont worry any more, and it really lifted my spirits. On wednesday, we spent a whole day knocking doors, and didnt find anyone. Again I was a little disapointed, We went home, and found on our doorstep a plate of food, and a note from our house owner saying that she just for no reason decided to make us dinner. Again, that made my night. And all through out the week, has been expieriences like that. We would have a rough day, and then something would happen to change our spirits. One thing ive learned, is the lord does not want us to feel disapointed, the lord does not want us to get down or feel sad. The lord wants us to look forward with hope, pressing forward through advisity singing all is well, all is well. Ive done some study on the pioneers, and they are a huge huge huge exaple. They were given the hardest trials one could expierience, and they never stopped singing all is well, all is well. In a way, we are all pioneers, and we all will be given our tasks and trials, but the lord will want us to continue onward singing all is well. Carry on Family!
Elder High
I guess he wants us to see his nametag??
Elder Chavis - his crazy zone leader
Elder Espinoza - Bradin's companion

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Life lessons

Muy buenas dias!!
So things like always are going absolutly perfect here in Honduras. There is so much going our way that it is very difficult for me to put it into words. I feel like we are not really doing a whole lot, but yet everything and literally everything is going our way. I guess thats what you could call the help from the lord. It is really incredible to see how much really the lord is helping us in his work. 
So theres some things I need to say. I have the best companion that a missionary could ever pray for. Elder Espinoza is an amazing misonary, and person in general. He has become my best friend in this country. This past 10 weeks have been the fastest 10 weeks of my life, and I have yet to have a bad day with him. Today is his birthday, so we are going to party in a way that only missionaries can, but nether the less, we are going to party. I literally am so blessed to have had such a great companion for nearly 3 months. Presidente Fortuna once told me that I have my tie to baptize, I have my shoes to baptize, and I have my companion to baptize. But my tie is a tie, my shoes are shoes, but my companion is a son of god, a loved son of God. I feel proably just a portion of this love for my companion, but ive never felt so much brotherly love for one man before. 
Often times this mission is called a model of life. We are born into the mission, knowing nothing, and then die and go home to a better place haha. Those trainers are often called fathers, and those trainees are often called sons. I have been given the chance to be the so called father of a missionary. I have in aspects felt the pains and joys that you guys as my parents have felt as raising me. At times my ¨Son¨ is a little rebellios, at times he doesnt learn as fast as i want him to, at times he isnt as assertive as i want him to, but at times hes way more, and at many times he exceeds my expectations. My role as a so called father is to love my companion, and do all that i can to prepare him for the rest of his mission or the so called misison life. I do not know how prepared he is to have a new companion, but Ive done all that i can to love him, and it is going to be a sad day when I leave, and send him off to the rest of his life. I can hardly explain everything that is in my heart, but Im learning. I feel like Ive learned how to raise a son, how to love, and how to serve. Things I was never expecting to learn in this misison, I have learned, and I am blessed. The church is true, thats it, the church is true.
Elder High

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Post conference thoughts

Muy buenas Dias!


Yup, so like always, I had another absolutly excellent week. Things are great as always. I literally love everything that is going on right now. I love my companion, I love this area, I love the ward, I love my district and my zone. The thing that makes me sad, is that i only have 2 or 3 more weeks here. nothing has really changed for me in almost 6 months, and ive already been told im having transfers in the next transfer day. Oh well, thats the mission. Really, everthing is incredible here. Again, I am without complaints. 


So the highlight of this week definitly was conference. I had the opportunity to go to every single session, and we didnt go solo. People here are great, so we brought investagators to every session. I can not even explain how happy i am to have had the opportunidad to listen to the prophet, and the apostles, and to help more people know that there is a prophet on the earth. I think for me my favorite talks were in the priesthood session. THe talk by Neil L Anderson, y Kenneth Bennet were some of my favorite. The talked about the importance of walking by faith, which is something that is fist hard to learn, after hard to folow, but in the end is so worth it. Really i could talk all day about all the things I heard in conference, but really i dont have time for anything.. Its all good though. Things are going great like always here!


Elder High
Here are some pictures I borrowed from the mission blog.  It's always fun to see pictures!