Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Gringo Day, says the honduran... hahaha
So, yeah, you could say im proud to be an american hahaha
So I do not know where to begin. This week has been crazy, and the next week will be even crazier. So this is the last week of Elder Johnson, next week he will be eating chik fil a haha. Being the last week of Elder Johnson, we want to get done as much as posible so he doesnt go him with any regrets. We have been working with an awesome family named familia Reyes, the king family. They love the church and know that the church is true, but... they are not married. Very common problem here in honduras, it is insanly expernsive, and very hard to get the paperwork, for that reason, no one is married. If someone isnt married, they are living in sin, and henceforth have to get married to get baptized. Well, we had the crazy thought that maybe we could take out all of their papers, work with a lawyer and marry them before Elder Johnson leaves, or in other words 1 week. We talked to them, and they are all in, the only problem, is they are broke, another common problem with hondurans. Everything will cost arond 3,000 limpiras to marry we as misionaries every 15 days recieve 2000 limpiras. So... we cant just give them money, because we aint got any either. Thats when the fourth of july plays in. What a huge blessing it is that the fourth falls on a monday this year. Me and my companion had a blast of revelation, and on thursday we had an idea. We had the idea to have a barbeque and to sell food to the missionaries on the P-day. We took the risk and invited quite a few zones of misionaries to the barbeque. Spent all morning cooking and stressed out that we werent going to get enough support. And guess what, almost 50 misionaries showed up, each plate of food sold at 60 limpiras, almost 3000 limpiras of food we sold!! Puro milagro, pure miracle. So yes, we will be marring a family this week. Elder Johnson has never married or baptized a complete family, but heck he still has a week left, theres still plenty of time for him to have his dreams. The church is true, dont forget it. 
Love yall
Elder High
So this is what i was talking about. So there is a member that carves wood, and makes these carving. He can carve anything and he charges around 50 dollars.

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