Thursday, July 28, 2016

All is well in Zion or Honduras

Whaz Up!!
So Where to begin.. umm.. So this week you could call it a little abnormal. So this past week we had Multizone conferences yay... It was prety good, just forever long. I like all the meetings and everthing that we have to go to as misionaries, its just at times they are so long. This Conference started at freaking 8 in the morning and ended at almost 6 at night.. Oh well. It was good because Elder Espinoza was there and I was able to talk to him, and Elder Paiz was there. Elder Paiz is going home in 2 weeks which is super crazy. All of my ex companion are starting to go home, and it leaves me with very little time.. President Ferman talked a good little bit about the Importance of the book of Mormon. Qoute, Without the book of mormon, we are just excellent Catholics or just really rightoues Evengelists. Hahaha. Really though, the book of Mormon sets us apart from any other Religion. It is the book most perfect thats out there. No other book brings us closer to knowing the misteries of our Creater. Other than the Zone conference, we did a ton of service this week. We have mixed and poured a ton of cement this week. Remember that I am in Honduras, so we do everything the old fashion way, all by hand. Me and Elder Martinez are doing great, we get along really well. Hes a very fun guy! We are still working with Family Reyes. They have come to church now 8 times. They are so close to getting bapized. They will get baptized, its just a matter of When. All is good in Zion or Honduras that is... Honduras is a little far off from Zion, but close enough hahaha. The future is as bright as you make it. The Church is true!!
Love yall
Elder High
Elder High and Elder Espinoza. This is who Bradin trained.
 Zona Country
I think this video is showing how all they have to go to get to their house. (maybe someone elses house) All the houses are built on top of each other so it seems like quite the journey.

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