Monday, July 11, 2016

Zika - yuck!

So what a freaking crazy week was this one. First off, so this was the last week of Elder Johnson, he is sitting down next to me writing his last letter to his family...weird...  Other than that, this week has been off the wall crazy. So on monday yes i got sick, and not just normal stomagh flu. Yeah, i got zika... it sucked...  So that put us out a few days. We still worked, just not as hard. After that, on tuesday, we had a planchero (look it up) misionary go home in the zone, so with his companion, they stuck him with us. So we rolled in a trio covering two areas this week. We were with another of my good friends Elder Kratzer. on top of that, we had a wedding to plan for. Holy cow, it was so stressfull, but everything turned out to be beautifull. It was very very nice. We have high hopes that the family will get baptized the next week. I have a ton of pictuers to share with you. Other things, is that my new companion is going to be Elder Martinez. He is one of the chillest guys in the mission. Well get along great. Honestly everything is going great. No complaints whatsoever. This has been the best decision that i have made. The church is true!
Love yall
Elder High

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