Thursday, July 28, 2016

All is well in Zion or Honduras

Whaz Up!!
So Where to begin.. umm.. So this week you could call it a little abnormal. So this past week we had Multizone conferences yay... It was prety good, just forever long. I like all the meetings and everthing that we have to go to as misionaries, its just at times they are so long. This Conference started at freaking 8 in the morning and ended at almost 6 at night.. Oh well. It was good because Elder Espinoza was there and I was able to talk to him, and Elder Paiz was there. Elder Paiz is going home in 2 weeks which is super crazy. All of my ex companion are starting to go home, and it leaves me with very little time.. President Ferman talked a good little bit about the Importance of the book of Mormon. Qoute, Without the book of mormon, we are just excellent Catholics or just really rightoues Evengelists. Hahaha. Really though, the book of Mormon sets us apart from any other Religion. It is the book most perfect thats out there. No other book brings us closer to knowing the misteries of our Creater. Other than the Zone conference, we did a ton of service this week. We have mixed and poured a ton of cement this week. Remember that I am in Honduras, so we do everything the old fashion way, all by hand. Me and Elder Martinez are doing great, we get along really well. Hes a very fun guy! We are still working with Family Reyes. They have come to church now 8 times. They are so close to getting bapized. They will get baptized, its just a matter of When. All is good in Zion or Honduras that is... Honduras is a little far off from Zion, but close enough hahaha. The future is as bright as you make it. The Church is true!!
Love yall
Elder High
Elder High and Elder Espinoza. This is who Bradin trained.
 Zona Country
I think this video is showing how all they have to go to get to their house. (maybe someone elses house) All the houses are built on top of each other so it seems like quite the journey.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Forever friends in Honduras

Buenas Diashmmm
So.. This week was great! Elder Martinez has been a blast. I have said many times this, but I have been blessed with the best companions. Elder Martines is from Quetzaltanango Guatemala. He has a crazy past but a very strong testimony. he also has the same amount of time as me. There are very few misionaries that will go home with me, but he is one of them. We are going to have a fun change together. 
So there is some interesting things that has happened. Elder Martinez has alredey served in Santa Fe. He is repeting area like I repeted Monterrey. This again has been a very neat experience for him to see how his converts are progressing, and to see those that he loved and served again. We have also been visiting old investagators which has been very neat. The family reyes that got married last week have been going through some rough times right now. On thursday we visited them and their little daughter Jenny was sick. We were with the primary president, and she asked the mother if it would be okay if we gave her daughter a blessing. The mother aproved and so we blessed the little girl, and the next day she woke up healthy. On saturday, the little boy joel came down sick, and also the mother had a tooth infection that was causing a ton of pain. They were not able to be baptized this week, but the hope leads us to the next week. Oh well.
Also i like always have been meditating about everything. Ive come to the realization that im not just a misionary of Mision Honduras Comayagulea. I will one day inherit the kingdom of God, and I am here in honduras looking for friends to come with me. This work is incredible. I have made a ton of friends, and i feel like i will see many of them again some day. The church is true.
Elder High
solo tango uno photo
hes my new comp

Monday, July 11, 2016

Zika - yuck!

So what a freaking crazy week was this one. First off, so this was the last week of Elder Johnson, he is sitting down next to me writing his last letter to his family...weird...  Other than that, this week has been off the wall crazy. So on monday yes i got sick, and not just normal stomagh flu. Yeah, i got zika... it sucked...  So that put us out a few days. We still worked, just not as hard. After that, on tuesday, we had a planchero (look it up) misionary go home in the zone, so with his companion, they stuck him with us. So we rolled in a trio covering two areas this week. We were with another of my good friends Elder Kratzer. on top of that, we had a wedding to plan for. Holy cow, it was so stressfull, but everything turned out to be beautifull. It was very very nice. We have high hopes that the family will get baptized the next week. I have a ton of pictuers to share with you. Other things, is that my new companion is going to be Elder Martinez. He is one of the chillest guys in the mission. Well get along great. Honestly everything is going great. No complaints whatsoever. This has been the best decision that i have made. The church is true!
Love yall
Elder High

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Gringo Day, says the honduran... hahaha
So, yeah, you could say im proud to be an american hahaha
So I do not know where to begin. This week has been crazy, and the next week will be even crazier. So this is the last week of Elder Johnson, next week he will be eating chik fil a haha. Being the last week of Elder Johnson, we want to get done as much as posible so he doesnt go him with any regrets. We have been working with an awesome family named familia Reyes, the king family. They love the church and know that the church is true, but... they are not married. Very common problem here in honduras, it is insanly expernsive, and very hard to get the paperwork, for that reason, no one is married. If someone isnt married, they are living in sin, and henceforth have to get married to get baptized. Well, we had the crazy thought that maybe we could take out all of their papers, work with a lawyer and marry them before Elder Johnson leaves, or in other words 1 week. We talked to them, and they are all in, the only problem, is they are broke, another common problem with hondurans. Everything will cost arond 3,000 limpiras to marry we as misionaries every 15 days recieve 2000 limpiras. So... we cant just give them money, because we aint got any either. Thats when the fourth of july plays in. What a huge blessing it is that the fourth falls on a monday this year. Me and my companion had a blast of revelation, and on thursday we had an idea. We had the idea to have a barbeque and to sell food to the missionaries on the P-day. We took the risk and invited quite a few zones of misionaries to the barbeque. Spent all morning cooking and stressed out that we werent going to get enough support. And guess what, almost 50 misionaries showed up, each plate of food sold at 60 limpiras, almost 3000 limpiras of food we sold!! Puro milagro, pure miracle. So yes, we will be marring a family this week. Elder Johnson has never married or baptized a complete family, but heck he still has a week left, theres still plenty of time for him to have his dreams. The church is true, dont forget it. 
Love yall
Elder High
So this is what i was talking about. So there is a member that carves wood, and makes these carving. He can carve anything and he charges around 50 dollars.


Happiness is when what we think, what we say, and what we do are in harmony one with a another.
So this has been a fun week! We have had some pretty good miracles and some pretty sweet experiences. This week we had the baptism of Axel. He is literally the coolest kid, who has had a really rough life. He was born with miniture arms, and only three fingers, but he has such a positive outlook on life. Almost his whole family is members other than his mother. He has been going to church and has recieved tons of misionaries for the longest time, but he could never be baptized because his mother wouldnt give him the permision. Well.. three months ago, his mother got sick with a diseseas called Chiqungunya. Normally chiqungunya just causes alot of joint and body pain, but every now and again, there are bad cases, The mother of Axel was one of those bad cases. She got chiqungunya bad, and was hospitalized for a good month, and then after a month, she passed away... We found Axel 2 months after the passing of his mother, and we taught him all about the plan of salvation, and what happens to familys and individuals after they die. He had a ton of questions, and was so desperate for answers. This whole experience with him I have felt bad for the kid, he is just a 13 year old kid. He took the choice to be baptized, and what a neat experience it was. His dad is a member who hasnt gone to church in a really long time, but he came to his sons baptism. Thats what this work is about, giving people hope. Axel got baptized because we gave him hope than he will see his mother again one day. Axel gave hope to his dad whos also trying to recover for the incident. That hope led them to action, and that action led them to having a peace of mind and being happy. I love this work for that reason. that people can have hope for the future. This is the true happiness. The church is true, live it and love it. Take care Friends.
Elder High
 The baptism and some of Axel
 We found some sick painter who painted us a painting
 A snow cone cart.

Happy Birthday

Yes, this was a good week. Im still keeping on keeping strong! Me and Elder Johnson have had some real crazy experiences this past week that just sort of happened. So I think ive mentioned before that there is a little of apostasy in Santa Fe. There has not been a Bishop in the ward for almost a year now, and the members are starting to get a little frustrated and a little irratated. To be short, not having a bishop causes problems in a ward. Yesterday in church, out of the blue showed up a seventy, Elder Ocampo. Lets just say that he burned our eyebrows a little. haha. He said and I quote " This ward and Honduras in general is filled with FALSE TRADITIONS. Stop thinking that you men are better than the women, because you are not...." Honestly, this ward needed to hear what he had to say. Other things, this ward is kinda famous in Honduras because posibly the most important member of the church in Honduras was brought up in Santa Fe, and his family still lives here. His name is German Lavoriel. He was a seventy and now he is the Mission President of Mision Costa Rica. Yesterday, we were kinda just looking around for people to teach, and we were led to knock on a big black door, so we knocked. Two very nice, very funny old Ladies lived there. We talked, taught a little, and then they asked us if we knew Elder Lavoriel. We were like no, but we have heard of him, and they were like " Yeah, hes my son in law," and the other was like" yeah, hes my brother in law." hahah They are not members, and suposibly a few misionaries have taught them, but not a ton. They are going to be our next project, the mother and sister in law of a mision president. They invited us to a lunch appointment on wednesday, so well see how that goes!! Other news, im old.. Other news, HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!!!!! LOVE YA!!!! Yes the Church is true!!
Love each and everyone of you
Elder High