Monday, August 8, 2016

Buenas Tardes!!
Pues, aquí estoy escribiendo, recordando todo lo que paso este semana, y que loco semana tenia. So... this was a very odd week. So on Monday, we had a lesion with the Family Reyes. As we were teaching them, we asked them when they were going to get baptized. Literally the sat silent for 3 minuets, and they responded saying in spanish a phrase, Dele Viaje este Sabado, o lets get it done this saturday. We were so freaking suprised! It was a miracle silence. So we thought that everything was good with the family. We talked about what they needed to know for the interveiw. Everyone that gets baptized has to pass an interview. I asume you know the usual questions. On Wednesday, they were complety fine for the interview. On thursday, we had the interview. The wife Waleska passed, but.....the Husband Carlos drank a cup of cofee in the morning, didnt pass the interview. They couldnt get baptized this week. In this mission, the perosn getting baptized has to be clean and worthy for a full week. Honestly. i was a little depressed. We have done so much for this family, and then at the last minuet they fall. They have never had the desire to be baptized, and then when they finally have the desire, they cant. I am starting to understand more what the higher plan is. God doesnt just want people to get baptized, God wants people to be converted to this gospel. God wants people who are willing to live and to give everything for this gospel. The family isnt quite ready yet. I am okay with that. It is a lot better to wait for someone to get converted before their baptism. Hopefully they will be ready for this saturday, but if not, we arent going to give up on them. We arent going to stop with the family untill they experience a full conversion. 
Other things that have been crazy. So on Friday, I went on an interchange with Elder Caballero, (Elder gentleman haha) from colombia.It was a really good interchange. Just in the night I called my companion Elder Martinez to ask him how his day was and what happened, and he told me that he had to go home early because he had a bad earach. The next morning he called me really early and told me that he was going to the hospital because he was bleeding out of his ear the whole night.He had some wierd infection that caused his inner ear to bleed. The crazy thing is that I wasnt with him when all of this happened haha. The next day He had to stay inside with another sick misionary of the zone, So i had another interchange. This time with Elder Ramos de Ecuador. On sunday, we went to church and then went home and did nothing. As a misionary, the house is like a jail cell. Literally, there is nothing worse than being stuck in the house as a misionary. So yeah, I am with my poor companion writing right now haha. Oh the mission sometimes haha.
Hope yall have a great week!
Love yall
Elder High

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