Monday, January 2, 2017

December 5th

Feliz Casi Navidad!
Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!!!!
Happy Late Birthday Dad!!!!!!!

Well, we are keeping on keeping strong. Me and Elder Giraldo are working hard. We have had actually a very good week. The first cut of Coffee beans ended this last week and the second cut doesnt start till after Christmas. Many are just waiting in their houses untill the second cut. This little town is a little bit more lively, but just a little bit.. haha. This past week the town has been preparing for chirstmas. I dont know if it is a honduran tradition or just a campamento tradition, but in the first week of December, everyone paints their house a diferent color. This town has just been painted and is looking sharp. Also the town park is lit with humble christmas lights. Its a beautiful sight. Maybe not as beautiful as temple square, but it has its own little charm. Ill send you a picture of the park next week.

Well so the work wise, its going. There is a few problems that we have encountered that have opened my eyes. On sunday, only 18 members came to church. One of the lowest asistences that the branch has had all year. Well the reason being is on saturday there was a party in the park. On sunday morning it was raining. These two factors motivated the majority of members not to go to church. Its sad but many members are ¨living in the moment.¨ Sunday morning comes around and if someone doesnt have in thier head that they are going to church, they dont go. There always has been and always will be opposicion in all things. Actually there are only two things that God can not control, 1. Our free agency, our right to chose. 2. Opposicion. We have a lot of work to do with the members to help them understand that whatever happens, there is ALWAYS a way to obey God. I have been meditating in how often I give in when i am faced with opposicion. How weak I AM. The hope of everything is that we always have second chances and for that I am greatful. We are going to go and teach the members to take advantage of the second chances that God will give the to obey him. Well Above all, The Church is True. haha

Love yall

Elder High

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