Monday, January 30, 2017

10 days!



Well.. Here I am again. Well.. time is running out. Honestly I dont know how I feel about all this. Im not trying to deny that my time is up, im just trying to forget that my time is up. The prophets have taught that the best way to stop worring about oneself is to worry about others. When we worry about others, we have less time to worry about ourself. This past week was a very good week. We worked hard and helped many. Sacrifice brings blessings. My hands are blistered and swollen after we used a machete for hours cutting weeds in an investagators field. My legs are tired after i gave up my seat on a three hour bus ride so a single mother could sit down with her children. I wouldnt trade these experiences for anything. The mision is just the best. This is my last week as a misionary in Honduras. My last week among my people, the last week of strict obedience to very restraining mision rules, my last week to use all of my time and all of my effort to serve God. I guess we will be talking next week. Just take care, Dont worry, im ok.


Love yall

Elder High

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