Monday, January 2, 2017

December 12th

Waz Up!!!!

Well, Campamento is moving along moving along. Things are going pretty good here. We are in the mindset of Christmas here in Campamento, focusing in on the CHRIST part of christmas. In the past few years the church has put out some really great christmas videos. We have been taking those videos to everyone here in Campamento. We also have been asking everyone what gift they would like to give to their king Jesus Christ. People here really like Christmas, but here they christmas is all about partying and not so much about spending time with family or about making time for christ. I feel like we have helped various people to understand the real meaning of Christmas. The first christmas gift was a gift from a loving father. A gift from a Heavenly father. The first christmas gift was a gift for every living soul. A gift to everyone. The first christmas gift was the gift of Christ the Lord. Christms is a special time of the year, and especially as a misionary. I get to testify every day that God sent his only begotton son to the world more than 2000 years ago. Its an honor to do this task. 

Well also i guess im suposed to be taking part in the light the world campaign. Honestly it is a realy great campaing that the church has put together. The church is true haha! Well so this week we are going to keep doing the same. Im gonna keep on testifying of Christ.

Love yall

Elder High

There was a rainbow around the moon the other day... weird...

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