Thursday, January 19, 2017

3 weeks


Como estamos?? Well so my week was about as normal as a normal week can be. We are still working hard. Even when its hard to work hard, we are working hard. There has been a drastic change in temperture. Last week was cold, well this week has been very hot. The sun has been shining very strong. Looks like ill be coming home as a burnt tomato hahaha. The branch president has been telling me that i need to by some bags of ice my last week, and that i need to make a scarf of ice to help me adjust to the cold hahaha no. 

So on tuesday we had a zone conference. The mision is taking as a slogan for this next year, A Change of Heart. President Ferman desires that we have a mighty change of heart, and that we then go and change the hearts of the Hondurans. I aprove the message. Other news, here in campamento there is a ton of kids who every night play soccer in the church. The majority are not members. We have been playing and teaching them in this past week. yesterday a few of the kids who arent members came to church. It was good.

Reflective moment. well we have an investagator named Ariel. He came to church last week and has been progressing a whole lot. His wife is a member. They just lack the marrige, and then right into the baptism water he goes. Wellllll... this past week a self inflicted wound was opend up to us. Ariel told us that he is in debt the equivilnce of 500 dollars to a bank for the use of a credit card. In Honduras, 500 dollars is a ton of money. They live poor as it is, and they cannot pay marrige fee until they pay the debt. I have learned a valuable leson about the monster that is debt. The debt that Ariel has literaly is impeding him from spiritually progresing. He can not make a baptismal covenant untill he is married, and he can not be married untill he is out of debt. He is having to make some heavy sacrifices to free himself. He is enroled as a military reserve, and as a reserve he has his milatary fund. Well he has 300 dolars in his fund. He is having to use all his funds to cover the debt. If he would leave his funds in his acount, it would grow trememdously in 5 10 years. He is sacrificing a nice pillow in the future to save his debt. He also has a motercycle that is his only way of transportacion. He has to sell his motorcycle to make up for that missing part. I feel like un needed debt is a terrible thing. I feel like I need to do all I can do to avoid debt, because I have seen firsthand how debt affect one temporaly, emotionaly, and spiritualy.

Well the work continues..

3 Weeks..

Love ya

Elder High

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