Monday, January 9, 2017

1 month left!!

Sup Fam! 

 Well, I feel cold. This past week a so called cold front has passed over Central America.. and needless to say im cold..... problem being... the coldest it has gotten is down to 60.... How am I supposed to survive in Idaho.... hahaha

 Other news, things are going great here in Campamento. Yesterday we witnessed a bunch of miracles. First miracle, we have been working with a part member family for a while now. The wife Dania is a member but her husband Ariel isnt. For the past 6 weeks they have been telling us that they are going to come to church on sunday, but never have shown up. Well yesterday they came to church!! Ariel realy enjoyed the meeting and showed alot of interest. Second miracle, Yesterday 50 members showed up to church. Never in my time here in campamento have I seen 50 member in Sacrement meeting. It was great. Three less active families that we have been working with showed up. Third miracle, Yesterday a member who recently became active was called to be our mision leader. Again I have never had a mision leader here in Campamento. Foruth miracle, on tuesday we will have branch council. Again, there has never been branch council in Campamento. Things finaly are turning around. We are starting to build the foundations here. Its a long and slow process, but things are going in an upward direction. 

 Well I guess its one week more and one week less. Its hard to believe that i just have one month left. Im doing my best to take advantage of the time i still have. I love yall.


Elder High

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