Monday, January 2, 2017

December 19th

Feliz Navidad

  Well Christmas is in the air. Its hard to believe that another christmas is nearing. The town is preparing their christmas tamales and their christmas partys. In latin america, Christmas is celebrated differently. There is less gift giving and more partiying. There is less time spent with families and more time spent with friends. I do kind of miss Christmas in the states, but there is always good and bad in every culture. The good is the tradicional food. There is some delicios food here in the christmas season. When i come home ill have to cook for you guys.
Well we are still preparing for christmas here. We have been watching the christmas videos that the church has put out with everyone. The work is still going good. Honestly I dont have a lot to say, just enjoy the 24th and Christmas. We will be talking on sunday! Love yall

Elder High

From mom: This one is my favorite - She is cooking in a hut on a stone, but still has a cell phone.

Re. the purple stuff: Its called Malanga, its similar to a tradicional food here called Yucca. Not gonna lie, its gross...haha

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