Tuesday, April 5, 2016

If you ask, you will receive

Buenas Dias!!


This week has definatly come and gone. I do not have very much time at all, so ill keep things short. This week was a little more tough. We had a lot of really good lessions, and we have taught and learned alot this week. Its just that I dont feel like we are living up to our full potential. I feel like there is so much more that we can do. Its the good, better, best feeling. We are doing good, so we feel good, but I know we can do better, and I know we will feel better. But always, there is a best way to do things, which will help us to feel the best. I have been doing alot of study about prayer this week. The scriptures say many many times that if ask, we will recieve. If we ask for the best, look for the best, and do the best, God will give us the best. No argument. God is bound to give us the best if we ask for the best, and if we do the best. That thought has helped me through this week. I want the best and only the best for our investagators. I want the best and only the best for those I serve. To give them the best, I first have to have the best. I have had way to much to do, and dont really have much time to write today. Im doing fine, dont worry. I just want to leave this small thought with yall.

Love you all so much


Elder High

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