Monday, April 25, 2016

After sacrifice comes the blessings

Muy Buenas Dias Familia y Amigos!


Okay, so very interesting things have happened haha. This week was the dreded last week before changes. That entails that many misionaries get in their head that this is going to be their last week in their area, so they dont have to work.. that makes things difficult haha. Anyways, about those changes, I am going to spend another change here in Monterrey. By the end of this change, I will have spent 8 months in the third smallest area in the mission. Oh well. My companion Elder Paiz yes is leaving. Tomorrow I will be with an Elder Rangel. I have known this Elder for a long time now, and he is great. Ill be going forward with positivity.


So this past week was a little difficult one could say. We have had a few problems with missionaries in the zone, and most of our lesson plans fell through. We did have a chance to visit a few of our sure and sure investagators. This sunday was stake conference, and an area 70 came down, so we had really high hopes that our investagators would show up. Not one investagator showed up..... tough. BUT, 30 minuetes into the conference one investagator showed up. We talked to him after the conference, and i have never in my mission seen anyone so prepared to be a part of this church. His girlfriend is a very strong member, and really really is encouraging. Before we talked, the girlfriend had already taought him everything that we are supposed to teach him. It was a huge miracle for us. Its always interesting to see how after the dificulties come the miracles and blessings. God does and will bless us, but he is going to try us first. After sacrifice comes the blessings. The church is true!!


Elder High

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