Monday, April 25, 2016

Change isn't always bad



This week was such a good week! This past week was changes, and there were a few changes that occured. Elder Paiz has left me. After 3 months together, hes gone. Now my new companion is Elder Rangel. Super chill dude. He lived in mexico till he was 14 and then he moved to Utah. He said that when he moved to utah, his second week there, the misionaries found him, and 4 weeks later he got baptized hahaha. MIsionaries dont waste any time haha. In our zone there has been a bunch of changes. Its been a little crazy adjusting to the changes and getitng all the misionaries on the same page, but really, changes were great. 

So Ive been thinking alot about happiness these past few months. I have witnessed that there is always a corelation between happiness and sucess. So saying that, Ive been trying to figure out what makes happy people happy. What i have seen and experienced is that many things in life dont always go as good as we want them to. It is very easy to get disheartened and depressed when this ocurs. Nevertheless, I know many people that even when things dont go well, focus on the miracles and the blessings that they have. THis helps them to push through and helps them to keep smiling even when things are tough. Those who rocognize Gods hand in everything alwyas seem to have a higher level of happiness. I believe that God didnt make us to be sad. THe scriptures say in 2nd Nefi 2 that man was made to have joy. God wants us to be happy, and satan wants us to be miserable. By focusing on the miracles of God, we can fufill the plan of God and live happy. The church is true! Love you all


Elder High

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