Tuesday, March 15, 2016

More miracles

Buenas Dias!!!!!!

Yes, I feel like the days are starting to get woven together. This past week has felt just like one giant day. The truth is that this week was crazy! Changes were this past week. Me and my companion did not have changes, but we had to make sure that all of the changes went smoothly in the zone. Luckily everything went smooth. 

Other than changes, this week again was filled with miracles. We have had multiple experiences incredible this past week.  Here in the mission, sunday always is one of those days that makes or breaks your week. Normally you work all week with the hope that those that you teach come to church on sunday. When saturday came, truthfully we only had one investagator who said that she would maybe go to church. We did not know why, but we felt like we were going to have 3 investagators. We worked as hard as we could on saturday, and really only had 2 investagators ready for church. Neverthesless, we kept praying that we would have 3. Church came and sure enough, 2 investagators showed up. We felt good with our 2, but we kept praying during sacrament meeting, and in the last 20 minuets, a third investagator showed up. That was one grand miracle for us. Later that day, we had a meeting with a high council member who is in charge of the mision work in this stake. After the meeting we felt like we needed to visit some investagators of the sisters in another area with this high councill member. This was an odd prompting because we did not even know the house of this family of investagators. We spent some time looking for this family, and we found the husband in the street. He invited us in and we got talking. This man with his wife have been investagating the church for more than 20 years. They have not missed a sunday in more than 3 years. They so badly want to be baptized, bu they are not married which is holding them back from getting baptized. The problem is that they are from a small little rural village not even close to tegucigalpa, and for them to get married, they have to go to the town of their birth to take out papers. To get to their town, there is only 3 options, Plane, Boat, or Foot. There is no raod for a car to drive. For that reason, they never got married, and they never got baptized. All I can say is the church is true, because this High counsil man had connections, and some family of his could get their papers for them withouth having to make the trip. If we never wouldve gone, they probably never will get married, nor will they ever get baptized. This family is going to get baptized the 23 of April thaks to this High Council man.

Miracles Exist. The tenth chapter of Moroni states that miracles are a gift of the spirit. That is a truth. THe spirit told us that we would have three investagatos in church. The spirit told us to visit this family that needs to get married. If we hearken to the spirit, we can see and witness miracles. Thats kinda cool. Like always, the church is true, Love you all.

Elder High

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