Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy Easter



Whats up Family!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes so this week was hot!! The week of Easter is the most celebrated week in this country. They call this week the Holy Week, as reference to the last week of Jesus Christ. Also, the Holy week is the hottest week of the year in Honduras. Everyone has the week off because it is a national holiday. THese two things combined doesnt mean good news for us. This week, everyone in our area took off to the beaches, or tourist places, and left us in the sun. Yeah, we spent many many hours just walking around looking for ANYONE to talk too haha. Me and my compaion are a little burnt, but oh well. What doest kill you makes you stronger! haha.Nah, we did find a few people to teach, and actually had a really good week. I really really really wish I had more time to write, but unfortunatly I have to be obedient. My time is up, but Love yall a ton!!


Elder High

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