Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A good week

Buenas Dias mi Amado Familia!!!
So first off, that is some really interesting news about our bishopric. I know that Bishop Bransen (thats weird haha) will be a great Bishop. I may be here in Honduras but I can still support my ward back home!! Sometimes changes come unexpectedly, but everything happens for a good reason. When I started my mission, I had no clue why in the world I got sent to Honduras, but now im starting to understand why. God knows what hes doing!  
This past week for us in Monterrey was a verry special week. I think I wrote a letter a few weeks ago talking about some miracles that we had. We visited a member out of the blue and she referenced us one of her friends. Well, she got baptized yesterday. Ill send you a picture of Julie and her old friend Elsa who is the member that we visited. Her baptism was really really spiritual. She bore her testimony yesterday about her conversion. She had a tough conversion, but that has made her tougher and more ready to withstand all that more trials that will come. It was a good finish to a good week.
Im not going to lie, Ive had a hard time in monterrey. When I was here before, we worked our butt off, and didnt really have a lot of fruit. All of the fruit came after I left. When I came back, I worked my butt off again, and still with little fruit. Having this baptism has really lifted my spirits. It has been hard here, but I have learned so much and I mean so so much here. I have learned how to really work here, and how to be patient. I have learend of the power of real faith. At times, I could not understand the will of God, but after all is said and done, Im starting to understand. God had alot that he needed me to learn here. Truly, I am extremly gratefull for the opportunty that Ive had to be here. Next week again is changes, and I feel like there is a good chance that I could be out, We will see. Oh well, Ill keep doing what Im supposed to be doing! Take care fam!!
Elder High
The lady in the yellow dress is Elsa, the member that gave us the reference! super great!!

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