Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Sup Fam!!
So this week was one of those stressfull weeks that happenes every now and again. Ive learned this week about the power of optimism. Everyday there are good things that happen, and everyday there are bad things that happen. We can choose if we will focus on the good or on the bad. Focusing on all the bad will just stress us out and make us depressed. Focusing on the tender mercies, the little miracles of life can fill us with hope and joy. Its easier to live when life is good, but really the way that we look at life makes it good or not. 
As I said there has been dificulties this week, but there were some huge miracles. We hardly had any time to work this past week because there were so much problems that we were trying to correct and take care of, but nevertheless, God blesses the dilligent. When we had time to work, we worked. We would have mabey one free hour so we would thank God for our one hour of work, and then we worked. My whole mission, in one hour, i could mabey teach 2 lessons if I tried my hardest. This past week we were teaching 3-5 lessons in our one hour. We couldnt afford to waste time. It was tough, and when the week ended we were tired, but God took care of us. We had multiple investagators in church on sunday. One Investagator recieved his answer to be baptized and will be baptized this saturday. One other decided after we visited him that he will quit drinking coffe so he can be baptized. God is good to those who take advantage of their time. My 2 years that I have to be a missionary are not my 2 years. My life for 2 years is dedicated to God. This time really is not my time, it is time God has given me to do his work that he alone cannot do. I love my mission. I love being here. I love working and serving God. Seek for opportunities to serve, and then serve selfeshly, and God will take care of the rest. Love you all.
Elder High

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