Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving - not!!

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Alright, so this week was a tough week in some aspects, and a wonderfull week in others. It was really hard to be away from home this past week. This week of Thanksgiving always has been one of my favorite weeks, but yes, somhow I feel so thankfull to have spent a thanksgiving here in Honduras. it was a really rough thanksgiving but Im a misisonary, so it wasnt all that bad. So this thanksgiving, I had to go on interchanges, so I was not in my area, And i got to spend the day with a Elder Schotborgh from Columbia. And do I ever have a story to tell about this day. So first thing first we were on a bus going from Campamento, my area, to Guiamaca, Elder Schotborghs area when my bag got stolen. I didnt really have anything valuable, just some pajamas, my sandals, and my debit cards. Me and my scriptures are safe, so thats whats most important hahaha. So we start working throughout the day, and at about 5, the power went out, and it started raining hard. The rule here, is when the power goes out, we have to go home and wait for the power to come back. So we started to work our way home down this muddy slick dirt road without light. I felt really bad, because Elder Schotborgh didnt have verry good shoes, and it was really slick. I essentially walked him back down the road. The one time I stopped helping him walk down this road, He slipped and fell right into this giant muddy puddle, ruining his pants and his backpack. The lights did not come back till the morning, so for our thanksgiving dinner, we had bread and butter, because no one could cook anything, and we could not leave our house. All this made for kinda a rough day, but in the grand scheme of things, everything was all good.

The reason why this week was good, is because we worked hard, and we had two baptisms muchly needed for this branch. We have been working really hard with less actives, and we have seen some fruits. We baptized two kids who are both sons of less actives. They are really good kids, and I was blown away when I found out a few weeks ago that they arent members yet. Before in my mission, Ive never really worked with much less actives, but now, that is almost all that we are doing. When a less acitve comes back to church for the first time in years, it is such a great feelling. There is alot of good going on, and I dont see it coming to a halt any time soon. Really I am greatfull to be a missionery. At times it is hard, but the hardships are totally worth it when I see the joy that people get from this gospel. I like always will keep marching forward, I love yall soo much. have a good week, and also, Happy birthday Mom!!!


Elder High

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