Monday, November 9, 2015

It's Monday!

Alright. Muy buenas días familia High, Estoy alegrado a hablar con ustedes y a ver que ustedes están bien. Thats enough spanish for yall today haha. So, we are putting in work here in campamento! Things are great, really just great. I always am stunned whenever the lord does his part in this work. It never fails. We do our part, and the lord does his. For example, This week, weve been teaching a family. The mothers name is Gilma, and she has a son Carlos 10 years old, Maria 6 years old, and Genisis 4 years old. They live a good 30 minuete hike away, so its sometimes a pain to visit them. There was a night, I want to say thursday, when we were dead tired, and we didnt feel like visiting them but we told them wed stop by. So we just felt like we have to be men of our words, and we have to just forget ourselves and do what the lord wants us to do. We took the what seemed forever long hike to their house in the dead of night without any lights to guide or path. ( A good 60 percent of the houses here do not have electricity yet, and there isnt any street lights, and at night, weve been told not to use flashlights, because it draws attention to us.) When we got there, we taught a much needed leccion about Jesus and we went on our way. yesterday, we were sitting in the church waiting for some investagators to show up, and sure enough, Carlos, Maria, and Genisis showed up without their mother. We were worried to death because its not neccicarily the safest here, and it is a long hike from their house to the church, but somehow these 3 little kids made the hike by themselvs to be in church. The lord protected them and had to have guided them because theyd never been to our church before. It just blows me away how the lord can work.
So other things, we had a conference with Elder Kevin Duncan, the area presidency this week. It was a real eye opening expierience. He talked alot about alot of things ive been thinking about alot. There is so much that I need to do more, but in the lords time. One thing really interesting that he talked about, was our vision. If ever we are going to do anything, we need to have a clear vision. When we teach someone, we need to have a vision of them in white ready to make covenats. Whenvever we talk with someone for the first time, we should try to imaginge them in the way that God does. Also we should have a vision of what our ward or brach will become like. Elder Duncan was talking to us and a Elder Tualatamelelagi who is in our district, and Elder Duncan said that one day there will be a stake in Campamento, and in the other elders area of Guimaca. This is a little hard to belive because yesterday, there was one priesthood holder in church, not even the branch president came to church. But that is our vision. We as of now have the vision of Stake Campamento. With this vision, we can put goals, and then work to meet our goals, and then one day fulfill our vision. I am pumped up to do everything possible to help everyone come to church, members and those who arent members yet. Other than that, things are going great, we are going to just keep working, but now I feel like we have dirrection which should help out with the work. I love you all and I am always praying for the best for you all. Have another good week
Elder high
 His companion hit his 1 year mark so they burned a shirt.

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