Monday, November 23, 2015

Hooray for Mondays

Alright alright! Good Morning!
What a week I have had. I do not think I have ever felt so tired in my life before, because I do not think Ive worked harder in my life before. The good thing, with good hard work, brings good hard results. I feel great here in Campamento Olancho and I feel great about this past week. So much good has hapened this week.
 So I think I have said before that I am not in the city anymore. In the city, to get from lession to lession, it would only ever take 5 minuetes to walk, 10 minuets max. Here in the country, we have investagators that live more than 30 minuets away. Haha at least 3 times a week we have to cross a decent sized river to get to part of our area. its a lot of fun, but it is different work. Because people live really far away, we have to be really efficient with our time. We have came up with a new way to teach here. For some reason, there is this bad disease in the city, that every lession has to be more than an hour long. There is multiple problems with that. First, after teaching for an hour, Investagators get bored, Investagators start to forget what was in the first part, and typically we start to run out of things to say. I think it is a terrible way to do things, but that is essentually what I have been doing during my time in the city. Here in the country, we can not afford to do that. We have been teaching in a completly new way, different from most missionaries. We have called it the Spirit Bomb. It goes something like this. We go to the house of our investagaotr, sing a hymn, share a 5 minuet message, invite the to read the book of mormon, or pray or something like that, and then we get out and leave. We hit them with the spirit hard, and then we leave, leaving them wondering what just happened. So far, it has been extremly succesfull. Almost all of our investigators feel the spirit strong, and then they desire us to come back so they can feel the same spirit. It has really helped our investagators keep their commitments and have helped them to really gain a real tesimony from the spirit, not from us. I say this has been succesfull, because we have brought countless less active mimbers back to church from this technique, and countless investagators to church. Also, if everything goes to plan, we should have 2 baptisms this week, and countless more should follow. 
That has been one of the biggest things I have learned this week. Sometimes the things that everyone else is doing, may not be the best way to do things. We have to be bold enough, and courageos enough to look for the best way to do things. We need to be inventive, and we need to always have the spirit with us. We are nothing without the Holy Ghost. We are not anymore converting people to us or to the church, but to the holy ghost. When we took ourselves out of this work and replaced us with the Spirit, we started to see more poeple growing spiritually more quickly. That is my goal as a missionery from here on out. i have learned a ton this week, and I am way ready for the week to come. 
Love you all so much, Have a good Thanksgiving, and try to save a little of sweet potatoes for me haha 
Elder High
 P.S. So there is a funny story about this guy who called you. I forget his name, but He is somewhere from the south. I want to say thursday we walked out of our house and started to walk down the street when we heard someone yell Elders, getchall over here. Me and Elder Storrs just looked at each other and went what did we just hear! haha We went back over and sure enough there was a decently sized white guy speaking to us in english haha. He also is a member and a returned missionary. He served a mission in Portugal almos 20 years ago. I guess he is out here in honduras heading up a Gold Mining company. I bet tanner would like to hear that one. I asked him if there was any gold here, and he said heck ya. I guess these lands are filled with gold that has never been mined. Kinda cool. We talked a little and then he asked for our parents numbers to give yall a call to say we are doing great. Kinda odd but kinda cool haha.

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