Monday, November 2, 2015

Good day from middle of nowhere Honduras

Good day from middle of nowhere Honduras hahaha
Campamento, Olancho, Honduras
Yeah, so you remember when I opened my call, and I showed you the map of my mission? There was a good chunk of land without any cities or anything. Yeah, Im there... haha. Campamento means encampment, and thats what it feels like im doing. I feel like Im living in Island park during the summertime. Im really extremly happy to be here. Im nestled back in the mountains, and it really feels like home. It takes my back to my scout days living here! This area is also gigantic, more than 40 miles long. It is the one of the biggest areas in the mision I belive.  Im in just a small little brach of 20 members strong. Yeah, its kinda been a culture shock because ive been in the capital city for all of my mission, and now im in backcountry of Honduras. Other news, I finshed training Elder Espinoza this last week, and now hes training in my loved area. And i was made a district leader, out here in Olancho. The closest Elders in my district live more that 40 miles away from here, which makes things kinda difficult haha. I also have a new companion, and get this, hes white too!! My new companion is Elder Storrs from Nampa Idaho haha. Yeah, I feel blessed to be working with a fellow eagle scout from Idaho out here. 
Other than all that, from what ive seen these last 6 days, Things here are great. The work is a little slower here, but there is alot of good going. We are working with well over 10 people who are practily ready to be baptized. One thing Ive seen here, is that people live a very slow laid back life. They dont do alot, but they are always willing to talk, and even willing to come to church, and willing to be baptized. Its kinda weird, but hey, I aint complaining. I am way ready for the future here. Im going to keep working and Im going to keep doing misionary stuff. There is really alot that I do not know yet, but I will let you all in when I know! Take care back home, and have a good week.
Elder High

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