Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Internet problems are the worst

Well yeah! So first off, Happy birthday to Tanner, I sent him a email so tell him to read it! There is no way that he is already 16 and in those dating years, but hey maybe he is haha. Im not going to lie, Im in a really good mood today. Things are great here, actually things have never been better. I am writing a little bit later than normal, because there has not been any internet in this city for about 5 days, and it decided to come back just a little bit ago. I guess this is a normal problem. I will always try to write on monday, but dont freak out if I dont send an email untill later on in the week. Freaking Honduras.. 

So I do not know where to begin with what has happened this week. Alot haha. So we have brought a ton of people in and have had a filled scheduale everyday. I have never worked with so many people before in my mission. The work here in the middle of nowhere is so much different than the work in the city. One thing that is hugely different is the church. This week, 12 members decided to go to church. Me and my companion ended up blessing the sacrament, and passing the sacrament, giving sacrament talks, and teaching the sunday school and pristhood lesson. It is alot of work out here in the country,but there is so much good. Other things, my companion is the best. I have yet to have one companion that I havent gotten along with. Everyone is different, but everyone is excellent. These past few weeks also, I have had he opportunity to know a lot more missioners. Being the District Leader, I have gone on a few interchanges with all the elders. Every person is so different, but I have learned something from every Elder. Every day there are opportunities to learn and opportunities to be better. Thats one thing that keeps me going. The thought that in every day there is different expieirences waiting for me just gets me excited. Im kinda stripped for time like always, but the church is true, dont forget it.

Love you all

Elder High

I don't know why he is in the water

Honduran snowman??

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