Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2 conferences down, 2 to go

Ola Ola Familia!


So yup, Im still a missionary. Haha This week has flown by, It is crazy to me that at the end of this week we have conference again. My verry first weekend in this country, was the weekend of conference in april. This conference will mark 2 in the field. Me and my companion are way excited for this weekend, and for the opportunity that we have to bring our investagators to conference. It is one of the best opportunitys that we are going to have to help our investagators know that this church is true. We have been teaching everyone about the importance of prophets, and that we have a living prophet, and on saturday and sunday, our investagators can know that what we teach is true, and that there really is a living prophet who speaks for our day, and guides us. It is a grand opportunity that we have.


Other news this week, not alot. The work is still going like the work always goes, Great! We are working with all sorts of really intersting people with all sorts of interesting problems. We are working with a man who smokes 15 cigarettes a day, a man who is 85 years old, and cant walk, a women who recently had her son killed, and alot of other people with all sorts of interesting situations. That is one thing ive come to love. Everyone has different circumstances, everyone is different, and everyone has different problems. It is so fun for me to get to know so many different people with so many different problems, and then find solutions to their problems. One thing that ive learned, is that there is a solution to everyone. The solution isnt always easy, or obvious, but there is always always a solution. For the man who smokes 15 cigarettes every day, the soloution is to support him, give him confidence in himself, and substitute the bad with the good. For the man who is 85 years old, we made really good friends with a taxi driver, and this taxi driver accepted to visit this old man every sunday to drive him to church. For the woman whos son recently got killed, the wonderfull news that we carry that life carries on after the death is enough to soothe the aching heart. Everyone is a son or daughter of God, and there is a solution to everyones problems, everyones challenges, and everyones doubts. This I can testify of, because I am a living witness of this. The church is true, and please, go to conference this week hahaha


Elder High

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