Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Post conference thoughts

Muy buenas Dias!


Yup, so like always, I had another absolutly excellent week. Things are great as always. I literally love everything that is going on right now. I love my companion, I love this area, I love the ward, I love my district and my zone. The thing that makes me sad, is that i only have 2 or 3 more weeks here. nothing has really changed for me in almost 6 months, and ive already been told im having transfers in the next transfer day. Oh well, thats the mission. Really, everthing is incredible here. Again, I am without complaints. 


So the highlight of this week definitly was conference. I had the opportunity to go to every single session, and we didnt go solo. People here are great, so we brought investagators to every session. I can not even explain how happy i am to have had the opportunidad to listen to the prophet, and the apostles, and to help more people know that there is a prophet on the earth. I think for me my favorite talks were in the priesthood session. THe talk by Neil L Anderson, y Kenneth Bennet were some of my favorite. The talked about the importance of walking by faith, which is something that is fist hard to learn, after hard to folow, but in the end is so worth it. Really i could talk all day about all the things I heard in conference, but really i dont have time for anything.. Its all good though. Things are going great like always here!


Elder High
Here are some pictures I borrowed from the mission blog.  It's always fun to see pictures!

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