Monday, September 21, 2015

A proposal

Okay, Muy bueno día familia!!

Yup, Im still here in Honduras doing what I do. This week has been another good week. Ive had a few neat expieriences and opportunities this week that were pretty great. So right now, our work is better than ever before. We have about 10 investagators that have gone to church this last week or 2 weeks ago. We have some real great investagators who are really doing that, investagating the church. Weve had a good opportunity to help those less actives work their way back to the path, and numerous are back on the path. Weve also had great opportunities to help those that we have baptized. We have helped them have friends in the church, weve made them feel important, and weve been to this day visiting them still and showing them that thay are important to us. I have felt better knowing that I have helped over 8 people in this ward enter the waters of baptism, and that they are still coming to church and doing all those things that they should be doing. I dont know if its right to say im proud of them, but its true, I have the best converts. My converts are literally the best. Other than that, theres been some interestingly funny expieriences that weve had this week


So I want to relate an expierience of a man named Otto. Otto was baptized about 3 months ago, so hes been kinda new to the system, but hes known about the church all his life. Because hes a new convert, me and my companion visit him various times in the week. Hes one of our best friends here. One night we were just walking down the street, knocking doors, looking for people to teach, and we ran into Otto. he was walking down the street with a girl who he said was a friend. We walked and talked, and then I asked him, "so whos your friend". Otto didnt hold back and straight up said, "yeah, shes my chastity sin." I chuckeled a little and said "oh really, thats great Otto.. at least you know its a sin." We talked a little more about really what is the law of chastity, and he understood perfectly, and I told him he should really think about getting married to get out of sin, and he really thought about it. Then next day we visited him and his family. We were just talking with his mom and his sister and Otto, and out of nowhere, Otto said, "Mom, I have something to tell you, Im getting married." Me, my companion, his mother and his sister all at about the same time just went, "What are you doing!?" Out of the blue, he announced that he wanted to marry his girlfriend. This was one of the craziest things ive seen on my mission. He called her up, as we were still there, and told her to come over for a brief moment. She came over, and we just talked, and ate some tacos together. Then out of nowhere, Otto got down on his knee and proposed to her. I could not believe what was happening, the mom was yelling at me to get my camerea to take pictures for rememberance, because she couldnt belive her eyes. It was freaking great. Otto out of nowhere proposed, and she said yes, and now we are going to marry the hopefully next month. Also, Otto took the girlfriend to church on sunday, and after their married, shes getting baptized. It was a crazy experience that came out of nowhere, but God works miracles. Its cool stuff. Theres so much more I want to say, but thats All I got time for today. Love yall con todo mi corazon.

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