Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Time sure flies...

Ola ola

Yup. another week here in Honduras. Work is going great like always. Im still here doing what I do, missionary stuff and all that. Its been crazy how fast time has gone. This week has been so fast, This past change has been so fast. Tommorrow is changes again, which is soo crazy. This past 6 weeks has flown by. I highly doubt ill have changes because I am in the middle of training, but thats fine with me because I love my area. 

Weve spent alot of time contacting this week and finding new investagators to teach, and weve been very sucessfull. We found all sorts of people, and we ended the week by bringing multiple investagators to church for the first time. Weve been working hard and have been putting in good work. My companion is starting to get the language little by little, which means hes starting to contribute and is starting to put in a good effort in lessons, and things are going excellent. Im really without a complaint in the world right now. Im not full of crazy expieriences this week, but I dont need crazy expieriences to have a good week. I am just going to keep trucking along, and ill keep doing what im doing. Ill do ill I can to keep moving foreward, and not back. What ive learned is the best way to move forward, is by looking up, and the best way to move back is to look down. Take it and interpretit as you will, but thats just one of the many things that ive learned so far. Im sure ill have another productive wonderfull week this week too.


Things like always are going great, this is my report.


Elder High

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