Monday, September 7, 2015

The Week of the Storm

Hey Fam!

So this week was the week of the Storm. This past week there was a little rain storm that destroyed the city. This city was not built to withstand a storm, of any magnitude. On wednesday, it was a little cloudy, and just a little breezy,(theres hardly ever wind here) and I was lovin it, for once it was a little cool. Then in the afternoon, the wind picked up, and it really started to blow. For about 30 seconds, I felt the strongest wind Ive ever felt before. We were knocking doors in one of the more popular streets at the moment. In these 30 seconds of wind, houses just got wrecked. All of the houses here have thin tin roofs, that often times arent nailed to the upper beams. Almost every house was deroofed. Me and my companion nearly got nailed by multiple flying tin roofs floating around in the sky. After the wind, came the rain, and it rained hard. It was absolutely pouring, and almost no one had roofs, it was a rough week for a lot of people. We spent the rest of the day helping people put their roofs back on during the pouring rain. It was really sad to see, because people dont have much here, and after this week, everything that people had just got soaked. Luckily our house was built decently, and we didnt lose one single sheet of tin. The aftermath of this storm is still affecting us and everyone else. This storm knocked down almost every power line in the city, so weve been without lights for the good part of the week. 
That was the effect of a natural, physical storm. This week, we have also been dealing with internal storms also. As i said, our house is great, but we are being kicked out... The owner of the house is having problems with her husband, and she decided it would be best if she moved into our house. This has really kinda thrown a wrench in the work. Weve spent a good portion of our time this week looking for a new house to move into. Also without lights, we have to enter our haouse at 6 pm before it gets dark. Our days have been shortened sigificantly. This has made this week very hard. We have essentially baptized everyone that weve been teaching, and we really have had no one to teach. Whenever weve had time to get some work in, weve been doing all that we can to bring investigators into our teaching pool. Weve met some great people, but with the lack of time, its been real difficult to plan for lessons further on. Its been storming in all sorts of different ways this week.

With every storm, there is a brighter future. After every storm comes the sun. After every storm comes beautiful rainbows. Storms test our patience, test our strength, and test our willpower. It is difficult to accept storms, and no one wants to live in storms, but those who live through the most storms are typically the strongest. From every storm, theres something to learn, to make our next experience with our next storm better. There will always be storms, but there will always be bright sunny days too. Im living through a storm right now, but I know in the future, we will find someone to teach, we will find a house to live in eventually, and the lights will come back on. When the storm settles down, we are going to have to do some rebuilding, put our roof back on the work, but then we will be stronger, and happier than ever before. I testify that God is watching down upon us, and upon the work. Hes thrown storms at us to test us and help us grow. You know, storms really aren't that bad of a thing.


Con Amor como siempre

Elder High

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