Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy Halloween

Sup fam, Happy Halloween!!!


So for this halloween, i think ill just be Bradin, pretty spoky right!? Well so this week was incredible. Umm where to begin. So first off, on Tuesday, we had the privledge to have a conference with Elder Oaks. It was incredible. Elder Oaks talked with such power and love. His eyes just were filled with light. He touched many subjects in his talk that stirred my soul. He stated 

 " As misionarys many times we will  feel disapointed and frustrated. Well, thats just part of the plan. Throughout our lives, we Will expierience disapointment. We just gotta get used to it." 

" We have been called to be full time misionarys. Anything that takes the focus off of our missions, makes us part time misionaries. We need to be better full time misionaries."

 "The importance of comitment is an eternal principal. The thread that thies the plan of salvacion together is the thread named comitment."

" The only thing that makes a misionary greenie different from a misionary more experienced, is that a misionary more experienced understands who he is, and why he is here." 

" The only thing as misionarys that we can do to influence the desires of those we teach, is to teach with love, and to testify."

At the end of the meeting, he left us a blessing. He blessed us from the pulpit even as if his hands were lain upon our heads. It was a very spiritual expierience. In our zone, we decided to show up super early, actually we were the first misionaries who arrived. We got to sit on the third and fourth row, and we were able to make memories that we will never forget. It was great. 

So also on thursday, I had to get my residency renewed, had to spend the whole day waiting in immigracion. On friday i had interchanges with Elder Harrington who is the Asistent to President Ferman. Yesterday on Sunday, the Familia Cabrera went to church for the third week in a row, and the have a baptism date planned for the 12 of november. 

Umm.. honestly there was a lot that happend, and little time to explain. But, i feel good. 


Love ya.

Take care 

Elder High

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