Thursday, October 27, 2016

Embracing the Suck!



 So.. this was again, a very tiring, but very good week. It has been raining a lot. We are starting to feel the effects of the tropical storm that is passing by. I guess it is what is left of the Huricane Matthew. We have gotten very wet haha. Our companionship slogan has kinda been, Embrace the Suck. Some times the mission throws everything at us, but we can either pass through them with a bad attitude or with a great attitude. Honestly the rain sucks, but we are embracing it and loving it! We have been walking around sopping wet, and freezing day after day, but yet we make the best of our circumstance. In place of just hiding or sitting down and doing nothing, we have been knocking doors, and when the people see that we are wet and cold, 99 percent of the time the feel bad and let us in. That leads me to the other point of meditation in my week. As a misionary, I have been called by God to preach the gospel. That is my calling. I was not called to know the country, and i was not called to live in this culture. I was called to preach the gospel. Yes, there are many blessing that come from my calling. having being called, i get to know this country, and i get to live in this culture. Heck a huge blessing is that ive come to speak the spanish language. But all of these blessing have come from the origin of me being called to preach the gospel. I have been thinking a lot that ultimatly, my calling is to do nothing more than preach the gospel. Well this week, that is what we have done. in the example of the rain, we turned the circumstance that god gave us to magnify our calling and to preach the gospel even under less than ideal circumstances. Having magnified my calling, God permits me do his will,and in turn, he blesses me, in the example of the rain, most people let me into their house, and in turn I do not get wet. I could stand in the street all day sopping wet, or I can preach the gospel and be dry. Intersting meditative point.


So other crazy news, umm, so on wednesday Elder Oaks is coming to Tegucigalpa. Yeah, the whole mission in kinda on high stress right now. It kinda wasnt a planned visit. Elder Oaks out of the blue wants to visit just the Misionarys in Honduras. I also heard that he is also going to El Salvador, but we will see what revelation he recieved.. haha. He also told President Ferman that randomly he is going to chose one missionary to give a short 5-10 talk about how faith IN CHRIST leads us to repentance. ill let you know how it was next monday. So thats about it, didnt take a lot of pictures this week due to the rain, but im sure ill have more next monday


Love yall


Elder High

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