Thursday, December 1, 2016

My last area



Well, here i am again in Campamento. Im in my last area with my last companion. Ive been thinking about how weird of a mission ive had area wise.

list of my areas

1. Monterrey

2. Laureles (Stake Country)

3. Campamento

4. Monterrey ( again)

5. Santa Fe ( Stake Country again)

6. Campamento ( again)


Honestly ive had the oddest mission, but at the same time ive been blessed to be able to go to all of my old areas excatly one year after i was there. I have been able to see how every area has progressed or how they have digressed. They always say the second attempt at things is always better than the first. I believe it. I believe that God hasnt made any mistakes sending me back to all my areas. I guess ive left unfinished work that needs to be completed. I Honestly have no clue why im in Campamento again, but im sure in a few weeks i will find out. All I know is the church is true.

Well so i am going to finish my mission training. I am training Elder Giraldo from Cali Columbia.  He comes from a very big city, and Campamento is the smallest little backwoods hidden town in the mission. He is very social, and the people in Campamento are very reserved. But honestly i feel great. I dont feel at all like the mision is ending. I have plans to work my butt off, and come home completly dead. Im just gonna keep on keeping on.


Love yall so much, Have a great Thanksgiving!! and also tell Tanner happy Birthday!!!!

Elder High

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