Thursday, December 1, 2016

Finally, A Bishop



After a very long time, a recent convert is called to be a bishop. His name is Olmer Martinez. He is only 28, and he was baptized less than 2 years ago. He is such a good guy. Honestly it was kinda a suprise, but it was very cool. More than a year ago the old bishop of Santa fe moved. When he left, the ward had an asistance of 200 normally. Now, we struggle to hold 100. We hope that having a bishop will help to lift the ward back up. Its kinda crazy because i have been here for about 6 months, and in what most likely will be my last week here, they give the ward a bishop. I was very happy yesterday.


Well so also, i guess that halloween happened, no one here cares about halloween, but the first of November was the Day of the Dead. El Día de los Muertos. Mainly the day of the dead is celebrated in Mexico, but here and in all central american countries the lightly celebrate it. Here they treat the day of the dead like we treat memorial day. Everyone just goes to the graves and puts flowers. Thats about all they do here to celebrate the day of the dead. In mexico i guess they have all sorts of crazy traditions, like cooking the favorite meals of the dead and then just leaving the meal on an empty table.. here there is none of that. Here in Honduras its more of a day of respect for the dead.


Other things, next saturday we gonna be baptizing a family. The familia Cabrera have been progressing so perfectly. Its a family of 7 kinda like our family, but for now we are only going to be baptizing the parents, Rufino and Epifania. They were a reference from an old member of the ward. Since we found them 4 weeks ago, they have gone to church every week. They are already married. Rufino used to be addicted to alcohal, but he says that since he has met us, he has not even had desires to drink again. yeah.. they are a pure miracle family. They just have to pass the baptism interview, and then they are all set for saturday. Honestly, it was a blessing that i got to stay here another change. Me and Elder Vierra started the work with this family, and now we will have the pleaser to witness their baptisms. yeah, the church is true.


Love yall fam


Elder High



1. the rain looming in tegus

2. Yeah we bought a spongebob pinata for the zona

3. breakfast

4. Baptisms bro. So this guy has had a rough life. He has been very addicted to drugs and even has ran around in some pretty scary gangs. Well, he decided to change his life and get baptized whooo

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