Thursday, December 1, 2016

Going back to Campamento!!

Im Going Back to Campamento!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im gonna finish my mision training!!!!!!!!!!



So.. Im happy. Tomorrow i get to return to my old area of campamento. I am going to finish my mision there training a newbe. My new companion will be Elder Giraldo. Dont know anything about the dude, just as of right now, hes chillin in the CCM hahaha. Im pumped. I feel like im going to go out strong. Other than what is going to happen in the future, in the past, I had a great change with Elder Viera. He is such a cool kid. We had a blast here in Santa Fe. We worked our butts off, and we got to see the fruits of our labor. Last saturday we had the Baptism of Rufino Cabrera, and his wife Epifania Cabrera. They have been a huge miracle for us. Me and Elder Viera started the lessions, and finished the lessons. They have been a huge miracle for our companionship. Ill send you a picture of them dressed in white before their baptism. It was a very happy moment. 

Other news, this past week we had a visit of a 70 named Elder Ochoa. He is in the area presidency, and he also served in the general young mens presidency. We had a 6 hour round with him on wednesday, and then on friday we had a leadership council with him. He is a very humble but firm man. He spent alot of time talking to us about faith. I dont have my notes with me right now, but he shared some awesome messages. On thursday in the night, Pres called us asking us if we could quickly prepare a musical number for the leadership council the next day. We accepted, so also we sang in front of the leaders of the mission and in front of Elder Ochoa. I

sent the video of what we sang in an earlier email. It was really a needed week in the mision. We were able to put a ton of new planes and we were really able to open our minds and come to see what is possible. Mayeby next week ill bring my notes to share with you what i was taught. Honestly everything is great. Im pumped .


Take care and have a great week!


Elder High

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