Monday, October 10, 2016


Buenas Tardes Familia



So.. yeah, some things have happened. SO today we recieved the news of the changes, and Im staying here in Santa Fe, and my companion Elder Martinez is out. Honestly I was really supprised. I felt like I was leaving, but I guess the Lord has different plans for me. Im honestly fine with the change. I love my area. I love the people here. Tomorrow leaves Elder Martinez, and comes Elder Vierra. Its really crazy becaue I was his zone leader when Elder Vierra started his mision. To me he is still pretty new, but he is really good. He has a very ture pure testimony. He comes from Danville Californa, so yeah another american companion haha. Its kinda funny because ther is verry few americans in this mision, but almost all my companions have been from the states. Im really looking forward to this next change, itll be a good one. So funny story.. umm so i think i have told you before, but in my area is one of the biggest markets.of this city. So in the morning I thought I had changes, so I took advantage of having a huge freaking market in my area, and I bout a bunch of soccer jerseys and souvenirs and alot of stuff. Then I found out that Im staying, so when i actually do leave, ive got what i need. haha. 


So this past week was crazy. We had leadership council, Zone meeting, a Stake Presidency meeting, Interchanges, And to top it all off, General Conference. It has been a hugly spiritual uplifiting week. I honesly feel rejuvinated. I am so great for the apostols and for the prophet. They are men called of God. We are honestly really blessed to be members of this church. #Blessed. Many conference talks touched my heart, and realy made me think. Highlight talks, Elder David A Bednar, all of Elder Uchdorff, Elder Balard, Elder Christoforson and Elder Oaks. Also I was blessed to listen to the conference in english with the other american misionaries of the zone. There is nothing like listening to the real voice of the prophet. The church has to be true.The next conference ill be with you all.


Love yal

Elder High

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