Monday, October 10, 2016

Week after transfers

Sup Fam
So this was one great week. So Elder Martinez is now in Juticalpa, and now im with Elder Viera. Elder Viera is the bomb! He is dynamite! Honestly hes just a real genuine great guy. He comes from Danville California up by the San Fran bay. Ive actully been realy close to this Elder Before, and the thought never crossed my mind that id be his comp. Ive actually been on a pair of interchanges with him. One really neat thing about Elder Viera is that before he came out to the mision he was studying up in BYU, and he actully was the piano player for the Young Ambasadors. He is insanly musicly talented. He was studying music and plans on being a music producer. This guy sings like a freaking angel! in every lesson that we have had this past week, we have sung a hymn. Honestly music has power. Hymns sung good can calm any circumstance. We are having a lot of fun together. 
So this past week was very normal. We have been doing very typical misonary stuff, but there was some crazy experiences. On thursday, we got invited to a stake presidency meeting with all the bishops of the stake. We had to give a report of the work in the stake and plans that we have to make things better. I have never had to speak in front of a stake presidency and 9 bishops before. I was very suprised because i really didnt feel nervous at all. We presented our report, colaborated, and left with the respect of the stake. it went good. On Friday, out of the blue President Ferman showed up to the distric meetings. He helped us a ton to understand how we can better work with the members. And on sunday we had Stake Conference. It was a very intersting week, but it was great. We are still working with the ward without a bishop, but we are honestly helping this ward out a ton. Just take care and have a great week!
Elder High
Alright so some of these are of Elder Martinez when he was saying goodbye. One is of Elder Viera, and one is of some bananas in the back of a truck.. yes this is honduras..

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