Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cut some weeds and planted trees

Waz up Fam!
Holy cow, so this week was very good! My comp is still the bomb. We have had a really fun week. So this week was a little more normal than the last week. We have had quite a few really crazy expierinces. So first off, Dont know why, but we planted some trees on saturday with some memers of the stake, also we cut a ton of weeds with a machete (the most effecient and fun way to cut weeds). We had interchanges on Friday, i got to spend the day with Elder Uitzil de Mexico. We also have been working with some incredible investagators. On tuesday A member gave us a reference to a family. We started visiting this family early in the week and we visited them 4 or 5 times this week. They came to church on sunday, and accepted baptism. They are such a great little family. They are one of the few honduran families that is married, so we wont have to worry about marrying them. We are going to continue to work with them, but they are doing so good. Also a few weeks back another member gave us a reference to her cousin. The crazy thing is his name is Elder.. hahaha. Supposivly his mother was really close to some Elders when he was born.. haha. He has come to church the past 3 weeks and most likely he will also be baptised very soon. We are doing very good here in Santa Fe. This is still one of my most loved areas. Every week we have some crazy miracle that happens in this area. Also today Presidente Ferman wrote the mission letting us know that on the 26th of October, Elder Oaks will be coming to the mission. We are going to be preparing to recieve teahcing from an apostol of the Lord. Me and my comp are also trying to influence Presidente to let us do a musical number hahaha. Oh well, just take care and have a great week.
Love yall
Elder High

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