Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Week of Service

Poocha, this week was crazy. Honestaly, not alot happened, but yet so much happened. So this week was the big festive week in honduras. This past thursday was independance day, and everyone had the week off. Literally everyone took off to celebrate. Our area was left pretty empty. Having everyone gone, we had to find something to do... so we did a lot of service haha. I mean a lot a lot of service. Literally everyday we were doing something. We painted houses, helped people move, helped peole cook, cleaned a television graveyard, cut weeds with a machete, made a mask for some kid, just a little bit of everything.. hahaha. Yeah, i have a few videos and photos. Other than that, the work continues. We are hoping that everything continues to go smoth like it is right now. Honestly, i feel great!. I get along really well with Elder Martinez, and the zone that we have right now is very unified. We have the ward working with us, and all is well in zion.
I just want to let you know about one other experience that i had this past week. So on Saturday, we had to help out the stake and go and visit less actives in a ward of the stake. I had no problem, because we were asigned to visit Laureles, my old area.. We showed up and in the church were alot of members that helped me out alot when i served in Laureles. It was really really incredible to see those that I have served with before. Were were asigned to visit a few members, and one of the families that we were assigend to visit, was the Familia Garcia. I helped the Familia Garcia get married and get baptized when i was there with Elder Espinoza. To just be in their house again almost made me cry. This family is so good. They are working to get sealed in the temple soon. Really great experience. It was a little weird having to tell various people that i went to visit that ill stop by in just 5 months bejore i go home. Gosh, the mission goes by so fast. More than i year ago I was in laureles. Just this expierience made my reflect about my mision. The mision is an incredible expierience. The church is true.
Love yall
Elder High
Can you find the temple?
A few videos
The door to nowhere
The television graveyard
Cutting weeds with a machete

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