Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Life lessons

Muy buenas dias!!
So things like always are going absolutly perfect here in Honduras. There is so much going our way that it is very difficult for me to put it into words. I feel like we are not really doing a whole lot, but yet everything and literally everything is going our way. I guess thats what you could call the help from the lord. It is really incredible to see how much really the lord is helping us in his work. 
So theres some things I need to say. I have the best companion that a missionary could ever pray for. Elder Espinoza is an amazing misonary, and person in general. He has become my best friend in this country. This past 10 weeks have been the fastest 10 weeks of my life, and I have yet to have a bad day with him. Today is his birthday, so we are going to party in a way that only missionaries can, but nether the less, we are going to party. I literally am so blessed to have had such a great companion for nearly 3 months. Presidente Fortuna once told me that I have my tie to baptize, I have my shoes to baptize, and I have my companion to baptize. But my tie is a tie, my shoes are shoes, but my companion is a son of god, a loved son of God. I feel proably just a portion of this love for my companion, but ive never felt so much brotherly love for one man before. 
Often times this mission is called a model of life. We are born into the mission, knowing nothing, and then die and go home to a better place haha. Those trainers are often called fathers, and those trainees are often called sons. I have been given the chance to be the so called father of a missionary. I have in aspects felt the pains and joys that you guys as my parents have felt as raising me. At times my ¨Son¨ is a little rebellios, at times he doesnt learn as fast as i want him to, at times he isnt as assertive as i want him to, but at times hes way more, and at many times he exceeds my expectations. My role as a so called father is to love my companion, and do all that i can to prepare him for the rest of his mission or the so called misison life. I do not know how prepared he is to have a new companion, but Ive done all that i can to love him, and it is going to be a sad day when I leave, and send him off to the rest of his life. I can hardly explain everything that is in my heart, but Im learning. I feel like Ive learned how to raise a son, how to love, and how to serve. Things I was never expecting to learn in this misison, I have learned, and I am blessed. The church is true, thats it, the church is true.
Elder High

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