Monday, October 19, 2015

Carry on

Hola de Honduras
Hope yall had a great week, because I sure did. Things like always are going good. Weve had some rough moments this week with a few investagators, but all is well. We have lost a few investagators this week due to various problems, but weve also found some new positve investgators. I may not be a witness to the baptism of many that I am teaching right now, but it is good enough to me knowing that ive played a part in the conversion of many souls. 
As I said, there has been a few moments when things have gone rough, but its incredible, because almost whenever things go bad, the Lord always does something to bring us up. It was I want to say tuesday, we lost 3 real hopefull investagators in the day. I was a little disapointed, butin the night, our zone leaders called and said they had just came from the office and had packages for us. I did get your packege, so dont worry any more, and it really lifted my spirits. On wednesday, we spent a whole day knocking doors, and didnt find anyone. Again I was a little disapointed, We went home, and found on our doorstep a plate of food, and a note from our house owner saying that she just for no reason decided to make us dinner. Again, that made my night. And all through out the week, has been expieriences like that. We would have a rough day, and then something would happen to change our spirits. One thing ive learned, is the lord does not want us to feel disapointed, the lord does not want us to get down or feel sad. The lord wants us to look forward with hope, pressing forward through advisity singing all is well, all is well. Ive done some study on the pioneers, and they are a huge huge huge exaple. They were given the hardest trials one could expierience, and they never stopped singing all is well, all is well. In a way, we are all pioneers, and we all will be given our tasks and trials, but the lord will want us to continue onward singing all is well. Carry on Family!
Elder High
I guess he wants us to see his nametag??
Elder Chavis - his crazy zone leader
Elder Espinoza - Bradin's companion

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