Monday, August 24, 2015

Aloha Hawaii

Aloha Hawaii...Thats a thing that Latinos like to say down here hahaha...

Alright, so this week was one hectic week. Almost every day this week we had meetings. Zone meetings, district meetings, and Multizone meetings, Stake Conference, and yes, a meeting with Elder Nelson. It was a pretty good week, and we are setting up to have my best week yet. This week we didnt have a baptism, but we are set to have 4 baptisms this week, and a marriage. This week is going to be even more hectic than before, but im so ready for it. Everything in the work is going perfectly smooth. My companion is slowly starting to learn spanish, Investagators are all coming around and coming to church, and the members have been starting to give us food every day. I am without a compaint in the world. Theres alot of work to be done, but really, I am in the best circumstances imaginable right now. The future is as bright as ever right now. 

 So as I said, we had a conference with Elder Nelson this week. Mission Comayaguela and Mission Tegucigalpa were present in the meeting, and every mission in central America was watching via satalite, Technology is cool. It was an incredible expierience for manu reasons. Reason 1 the meeting was in the Cañada, Monterrey, my first church house. It was good to walk down the streets of monterry again. I ran into a few members, and some old investagators, and after the meeting, our zone even ate in Burger Chicken! hahaha. Reason 2, Elder Nelson is the president of the quorom of the 12, and all the missionarys present got to shake his hand. Reason 3, I was just sitting in the congregation with all the other missionaries, and the president of the Tegucigalpa mission stands up to start the conference and says "we will start with a hymn, and then a prayer offered by Brandon Troy High of the Comayaguela Mission." They never say my name right, but yeah, I offered the opening prayer in the conference with president Nelson, it was pretty cool. Also President Nelson cut pretty deep and is changing the work. He straight up said, There are more less acitive members in central america, than active members, and God Is Not Happy Right Now... Freak........ Esentially, we are to stop knocking doors, and we are to start looking for the less actives, and focus on reactivation. This is hard, because the work is almost always centered on baptisms, but now, baptisms are not the focus. There are things to be done, but President Nelson Trust in us as missionaries to save those soles that have gone astray. I have learned a ton this week, and I am ready for the future of this work. Stay safe and have a good week at the Fair, and have a good week back in school!!

Con animo, y con un montón de Amor

Elder High

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